EMS Quick Study Help | Central Nervous System

EMS paramedic quick study help focusing on the central nervous system and EMS exams.

Click here to find out more about Uncovering The Autonomic Nervous System.

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EMS Quick Study Help | The Nervous System

This installment starts off the nervous system. Watch this video for key points to look for on your next EMS exam and how they can help you with patient care and documentation.


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Tips For EMS Pros | Name Calling and Noting Trends

 In this installment of my Top Tips for EMS Professionals I highlight; The #1 EMS Tip (or it should be). What's in a name and.. Noting your trends not the machines. Have some tips that go along with these? Or some EMS professional … [Continue reading]

Patients Should Not Be Dumped Off Stretchers Onto Floors But…..

If you follow social media on EMS at all you may have seen the video with the paramedic flipping a patient off the stretcher. Have you ever been in the same situation as this paramedic? While using the excuse of "snapping" does not support this … [Continue reading]

EMS Quick Study Help | Skeletal System

This EMS quick study tips episode focuses on the skeletal system. Get the EMS exam help that covers key elements of any EMS paramedic exam. https://youtu.be/GqMURoyfXGI Check out the EMS Quick Study Guide that I mentioned in the video, Get … [Continue reading]

Being Brutally Honest With Your Patients

On this recent episode Josh and Dave took the reins to discuss when or if EMS providers should be telling patients they are having a stroke, a heart attack or even if they are going to die. Sparked by a podcast on Ted Talks it got Josh asking who … [Continue reading]

Tissues | EMS Quick Study Help

This installment of the EMS Quick Study Help discusses Tissues and Integumentary System. EMS anatomy and physiology Part IV. Check out the EMS Quick Study Guide that helped Jim pass a recent FISDAP exam ten points above the national average. Get … [Continue reading]

The Post EMS Week Show | EMS Compass

This week the hosts talk about EMS Week, The EMS Compass project and the difference between the EMS Everyman and those who decide where the profession is going. Take a listen to what is most likely the first in a series of discussions and start … [Continue reading]

When The EMS Patient’s Story Changes

This is part three of a recent episode where the panel talks about the patients story or how the story seems to change. Jim mentions some pet peeves he received via email and the one that stood out was how a patients gives you one story in the … [Continue reading]

A Focus On Raising The TXT Generation


In this episode of Office Hours Jim sits down with Thaddeus Setla to talk about his project "Raising The TXT Generation". While this may not be a direct EMS related topic, both Ted and Jim feel it does reflect in public safety and results from social … [Continue reading]