Dial “M” For Medications

You know all about the mnemonic SAMPLE right? Well, we focused a bit on the “M” (medications) part this week and discussed how this can help you in your patient assessment, care and history more than you think. Be sure to comment on your SAMPLE tips and download the Mnemonic Guide below.

Show notes and links:

Thanks to Russell Stine for joining us. Check out Russell at the Hybrid Medic and his case studies below.


Dr. Bledsoe links mentioned in this episode worth a read.



Thanks to Mark Albert for heading this one up. Visit his blog at:


Great having Tim Noonan with us. You can get even more medication insight over at RogueMedic.com

Thanks to Josh from WANTYNU.com for asking his weekly million dollar question.

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Download the free Mnemonic Guide click here


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