When Your EMS Instructor Thinks It’s Boot Camp

EMS Some EMS instructors can take the hard nosed approach to teaching. Treating their position as one of power rather than mentor.  Why is it that we often encounter these instructors and heaven forbid we complain about them. We might as well stay home and give ourselves a failing skill sheet.

Is there a method to their approach? Or is this type of training out of place in the EMS educational environment?

Join us as we discuss this and try to decide if there is a method to it or if we are just being too damn sensitive.

Show notes

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Thanks to Dave Aber, Rommie Duckworth and Josh for joining me on the call. A big shout out to John Broyles as well for keeping the chat room lively.

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  1. The method used by an instructor may or may not stem from their desire to exert power over the class or to serve as a mentor. The other possibility is that they are teaching students using the methods that worked best for them when they were students. I understand that I am in the minority, but I’d rather have the “boot camp” instructor than one that acted like he wanted to be my friend. For me, the pushing and stress seem to force me to pick up the material more quickly and thoroughly than I would have with someone that was more laid back and relaxed in their methods.

    When I am teaching someone I don’t often use that method because it does run against what so many want and expect from a teacher. However, when I can see that a student would benefit from that mentality I’m not afraid to use it. I started doing that when I was teaching classes while serving in the Marine Corps and it has served me well.

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