Why Does EMS Have Such A High Turnover?

EMS1  Is EMS the stepping stone to other professions? Do providers leave EMS to pursue better career options when they find so few in EMS. Sometimes its not about pay. Its can be about career movement, job satisfaction and options for the long haul. Are teaching and supervisory positions the only rungs in the ladder?

This week we had two guests join us from the EMS Flight and RN fields and the discussion went to everything from education and pay to what may be most important of all – action.

Take a listen and let your thoughts on this topic below.


  1. Raquel Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for the program, you are all amazing. on this topic I can say that t yes, nurses verse paramedic their is a big difference in education wise . I would love to continue to a bachelors degree in paramedic and have more opportunities for advancement. I reside in Naguabo Puerto Rico but work in Ceiba PR and the education for such is incredibily down and opportunity wise ufffff, Bad. I would like if someday you would take the opportunity to visit Puerto Rico and give us a lecture on how to improve and become better providers for the communities and receive better education. So those who decide to continue there path as a paramedic will know exactly what to do to continue education and continue to provide with excellence their services throughout Puerto . I personally would love to meet you and dialog on many topics that are bothersome to many paramedic here in Puerto Rico. Thank you for your time RRV

  2. Annette Findlator,RN says:

    I was delighted with tonight’s broadcast putting light on EMT/Paramedics need for recognition but again as Dave Brenner stated, change will come once the education is mandated. You do a powerful job which is why after 30 years as a Registered Nurse, I graduated from a Community College as a paramedic. I, too never knew the scope of your work until I graduated. Like Nursing, you too should gain the recognition and demand the salary for the work you encounter each and every day.

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