EMS Doing Away With AHA?

What if EMS decided to no longer use AHA certification for CPR and ACLS? Let’s say they decided to use AHA as a base but implemented their own training and testing based on current research and what they see to be working.

Well there are agencies out there who are trying this.

Check out this weeks episode for the hosts opinion on this and more. Is it a patient care thing, a financial thing or something else?

Here is link to Jim Op-ed article at EMS World

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EMS And PFA Training | Take The Poll

Medic partnersThis week on the podcast the guys talked about the training they received in paramedic and EMT school to prepare for psychological emergencies and emotional patients and family members we encounter in EMS.

How much training on this did you have in EMT or Paramedic school? Was it as much as Jim, Josh and Dave had?

Be sure to leave your thoughts on this one below so we can bring this discussion to the show a little more and offer feedback from you the listener.


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EMS patient rapport

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Using OTC Sleep Aids in EMS

Motivated by a recent Facebook post, Josh brought a pretty important topic to the show. He was surprised at the number of EMS professionals who use over the counter sleeping aids to fall asleep. We discussed some of the potential issues with this type of facilitated sleep as well as possible causes of sleep issues in the EMS field.

Take a listen and leave your thoughts below. Do you take sleep aids or need stimulants to stay awake when working i.e. coffee, energy drinks etc.?



Treating Intoxicated Patients in EMS or Babysitting 101

EMS1With some recent news about a paramedic and ED Doc refusing treatment of an intoxicated patient. The cast at Office Hours thought it would be a great time to discuss the treatment and transport of intoxicated patients. What qualifies at intoxicated vs. having a few too many? Is it an actual ETOH amount or when EMS arrives on scene?

Thinking about your last ETOH abuse call, was the transport for CYA or did the patient need ED evaluation?

Take a listen to this episode and leave your comments below. We would love to hear your last intoxicated patient story.

Read the article mentioned in the episode here.


The 45M Dollar EMS Volunteers

spam_can_openThis week we talk about volunteers and rather than the usual paid vs volley debate. We decided to talk about how there are counties that actually pay for the volunteer service to operate and it’s funded by the taxpayers. Now there is of course a lot to consider but when a number like 45 million dollars gets thrown around someone needs to raise an eyebrow.

This was a lively episode so pay attention and leave your thoughts below.

Conquering The NREMT CBT Exam

Get key points on the NREMT CBT exam like developing a mindset of success for the NR cognitive exam and learning how the test is administered and scored (Why you’re going to fail). Understanding how National Registry test questions are created. (And what that means to you), dispelling the myths about what the test is really about and how to develop powerful strategies to approaching the question and finding the right answer. This digital e-book is the UNDERGROUND WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of the live two hour webinar held at EMS Boot Camp. Get all the details by clicking here.




Are Smart Phones Replacing Our Partners?

EMS1This week we talk about using Smart Phones on the ambulance and mainly ask the question “Is your smart phone replacing your partner?” Take a listen to see what we mean and leave your thoughts below.


Taking Risks To Meet Expectations

ems paramedic questionsThis week the guys talk about EMS pay and what is enough pay for the risks involved. Speaking of risks. We also discuss the risks we take in order to meet expectations set by our agencies and even our training.

Take a listen and be sure to post what your optimal EMS salary would be below.

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Calling In Sick In EMS | Another EMS Closing

ems transportThis week we got into when we call in sick as an EMS professional, the term mental health day and how small vs. large agencies view sick time. Also discussed was another EMS agency closing where residents voted down a service rather than pay a small tax to keep it.

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Click here for the article mentioned during this episode.



Narcan For Everyone | Backboards For No One

EMS1On this weeks EMS Office Hours I was joined by Greg Friese and we discussed two popular topics in 2014. We talked about the growing use of Narcan by not just EMS but other first responders like law enforcement and fire departments. Plus the welcomed changes in how we use spinal immobilization in EMS.

Take a listen and be sure to leave your comments below.

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What Is Your Non-Emergency Percentage?

medicsmalefemaleDuring this weeks Office Hours Jim, Josh and Dave talk about the never ending flow of non-emergency calls and how that can numb us as EMS providers. It’s important not get complacent and to properly assess each patient. However don’t you think that the crying wolf we deal with in EMS can easily make us fall into just what these patients sometimes perceive us as – A “taxi ride” to the hospital.

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