Do We Lie In EMS?

Do you think we lie in EMS? To our patients, our partners or our bosses. Maybe we do it to avoid uncomfortable questions, to keep the peace or to keep our EMS jobs. Listen to this episode below and maybe you can answer the question. Have you ever … [Continue reading]

COPD | Respiratory Emergencies Part 4 | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of Monday Minutes focuses on more respiratory emergencies. Mainly on COPD its causes and management of obstructive airway diseases.   Master your EMS knowledge at Turbo Medic Get access to hours of audio and video, GB's … [Continue reading]

Quick Let’s Get Rid Of The IO Needles

Not so fast. This weeks EMS show focuses on the study suggesting that IO access in cardiac arrest may not be as good as those plain ole boring IV's. I had the full show cast on this one and both Dave and Josh provided interesting opinions on this … [Continue reading]

Obstructed Airway Diseases | Part One | EMS Study Help Tips

This Monday Minutes episode continues with respiratory emergencies and focuses on obstructed airway diseases. Its always great to refresh on key elements in EMS to keep you ready for patient care or that next exam.     Get your … [Continue reading]

Is Turnover Hurting EMS?

Is EMS the stepping stone to other professions? Do providers leave EMS to pursue better career options when they find so few in EMS. Sometimes its not about pay. It can be about career movement, job satisfaction and options for the long haul. Is … [Continue reading]

What’s Your EMS End Game?

This episode of the show asks "Whats your EMS end game?". It doesn't have to be in EMS and if you are just starting out in EMS it is something you should be thinking about. Take a listen and maybe you will start thinking what yours is if you have … [Continue reading]

What’s Your EMS Super Hero Power?

As EMS professionals we have to know a wide range of topics and be proficient at many various skills. However a lot of us have super powers. What I mean by that is we all have certain skills or topics that we are very good at, that we have … [Continue reading]

EMS Is Equal To SNF Staff

This weeks on the show Josh and I talk about some very similar things between EMS and SNF staff. This is post rant I had with my years of abuse by said staff. Josh pointed out some things though that I do think we should all keep in mind when we … [Continue reading]

EMS and Frozen Orange Concentrate

This weeks episode has Josh Knapp from WANTYNU joining me as we talk about partners in EMS, the right way, wrong way and any way methods in EMS. It can boil down to how you use your frozen orange concentrate. Take a listen below and be sure and … [Continue reading]

How To Meet EMS Student Expectations

EMS educators are challenged with meeting student expectations. What do new candidates in EMS expect from the learning experience and what they will see in the field? So how to we teach new EMS providers what's real in EMS? This week I am … [Continue reading]