Reboot: Geriatrics, Customer Service And A Tale


Check out this great reboot of an episode with now's Greg Friese telling a gruesome story (I'll give you a hint "Q-Tip"). It all started with a discussion on geriatric patients and being a good customer service EMS provider. During this … [Continue reading]

IV Therapy Complications | EMS Study Help


In this last installment on IV therapy in the EMS quick study help series. I discuss potential complications. When you know these key elements of EMS paramedic care it will help you on your EMS exams, paramedic patient care and … [Continue reading]

Getting Refusals, Cameras and Perception


In this EMS Office Hours reboot we discussed if being an EMT really is the worst job, how someone’s camera may not put you in the best light and Tim Noonan joined us as we talked about refusals, hypoxia and true patient awareness. Be sure to … [Continue reading]

EMS Active Shooter Training


This week the hosts are joined by guest Thomas Calimano who discusses his experiences with active shooter training and how it relates to EMS. Tom gives some great insight into starting up an active shooter training program and some key elements to … [Continue reading]

IV Flow Rates | EMS Quick Study Tips


EMS study guide for setting IV flow rates and how to discover and adjust flow rate complications. The EMS Quick Study Guide is waiting for you on the main site. Go and get your copy right now by clicking here. … [Continue reading]

Why Checking The Ambulance Goes Beyond A Check Sheet


We all have to check the ambulance at the beginning of our shifts. Yes tedious, yes at times it makes you think why you have to look for the ring cutter or occlusive dressing every time. As if someone is moving them around each day playing a little … [Continue reading]

Why EMS Dispatchers and Parents Fail Pediatric CPR


This week on the podcast I interviewed Dr. Peter Antevy of Pediatric Emergency Standards. This was a great session where Peter discussed: Why dispatchers have a hard time rapidly providing CPR instructions for children The power of … [Continue reading]

Starting An IV | EMS Quick Study Tips


As I continue with the IV Therapy section on the EMS Quick Study Tips. I go over how to start an IV. While there are variations and opinions on how to do this skill. This video is meant to help you focus on what you may see on a EMS exam when it … [Continue reading]

Maintaining Our Health As EMS Professionals


Interview with Dr. Jennifer Milus. Discussion on the health of EMS providers and how we can stay healthy and injury free in our fast paced environment.  This is a reboot from he old AT days and my fledgling podcast days. Share below and leave … [Continue reading]

EMS Education With Bryan Bledsoe


One of the original EMS interviews where Jim sits down with Dr. Bledsoe to discuss his views on topics like EMS education and it’s relation to the future of the EMS industry. This is back when the fledging podcast was under a different name and I … [Continue reading]