Central Nervous System | EMS Quick Study Tips


I begin the neurological emergency section with a quick overview of the central nervous system (CNS). … [Continue reading]

Changing BSI & Scene Safety | Oh yeah… Zombies


This episode talks about using the zombie apocalypse, changing how EMS does scene safety and BSI training. Plus Jims idea for his on duty Halloween costume.   Get the download from CDC here. Follow Jim on Instagram click … [Continue reading]

Bites & Stings | EMS Study Help

Medic partners

This weeks MM finishes up on poisonings and talks about those patients with bites and stings and the primary elements paramedics and EMT's will often see on exams. If this quick video doesn't have you nodding your head in understanding, open that … [Continue reading]

Tricyclic Antidepressant OD | EMS Study Help


Understanding tricyclic antidepressant overdoses in patients. Paramedic assessment of the tricyclic OD patient. Key points to help study and identify patients who may have intentionally or accidentally overdosed on tricyclic antidepressants. … [Continue reading]

When They Ask For A Doctor and You Show Up


This is a great reboot session with Greg Friese and remember that EMS Boot Camp sessions can now be found at EMSSEO.com. For this episode we ask: "Have you ever helped the man down, stopped at an MVA or even performed CPR while off duty?" As EMS … [Continue reading]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning | EMS Quick Study Help


This weeks Monday Minutes continues with the EMS quick study help series. This episode focuses on carbon monoxide poisoning. … [Continue reading]

Toxic Gases | EMS Study Help


This episode of the EMS Quick Study Help focuses on toxic gases. Remember theses are key elements you will often see on EMS exams throughout your career. Watch older episodes and check out the EMS Quick Study Guide that these Monday Minutes are based … [Continue reading]

Narcotics & Opiates | EMS Quick Study Help


This episode of the EMS quick study guide tips and help focuses on overdose or poisoning using narcotics/opiates.     Be sure to Share this or Like via Facebook. … [Continue reading]

Poisoning & OD | EMS Quick Study Help Part 29


EMS paramedic study guide tips for cholinergic and anticholinergic poisonings or overdoses. Types, signs and symptoms as well as management of poisoning patients in the EMS field.     Get your copy of the EMS Quick Study Guide here … [Continue reading]

Assessing Poisoning & OD Patients | EMS Quick Study Help


This installment of EMS Quick Study Help series continues with Poisoning and Overdose content. It focuses on general patient assessment and management.   Check out the EMS Quick Study Guide to help you pass your next EMS exam. … [Continue reading]