EMS Doing Away With AHA?

What if EMS decided to no longer use AHA certification for CPR and ACLS? Let's say they decided to use AHA as a base but implemented their own training and testing based on current research and what they see to be working. Well there are agencies … [Continue reading]

EMS And PFA Training | Take The Poll

This week on the podcast the guys talked about the training they received in paramedic and EMT school to prepare for psychological emergencies and emotional patients and family members we encounter in EMS. How much training on this did you … [Continue reading]

Using OTC Sleep Aids in EMS


Motivated by a recent Facebook post, Josh brought a pretty important topic to the show. He was surprised at the number of EMS professionals who use over the counter sleeping aids to fall asleep. We discussed some of the potential issues with this … [Continue reading]

Member CVA Feedback

So my post the other day about my CVA call offered me one huge insight to my members.... they are great. Not just because they have sent me numerous emails and messages about this call agreeing with my course of action but also because they … [Continue reading]

Cellular Metabolism | EMS Quick Study Help E6

This installment of the EMS Quick Study Help series continues with A&P and cellular metabolism and cellular respiration. These key areas should help you focus on what you may be challenged with on this topic and perhaps assist you in recalling … [Continue reading]

My patient has slurred speech but…. WWYD?


I sent this email to my members the other day about a possible stroke call I had. Most of us expect that one sided droop, weakness, slurred speech or no speech deal. What I get is a 78 y/o female completely alert who says she feels like her … [Continue reading]

Treating Intoxicated Patients in EMS or Babysitting 101

With some recent news about a paramedic and ED Doc refusing treatment of an intoxicated patient. The cast at Office Hours thought it would be a great time to discuss the treatment and transport of intoxicated patients. What qualifies at intoxicated … [Continue reading]

The 45M Dollar EMS Volunteers

This week we talk about volunteers and rather than the usual paid vs volley debate. We decided to talk about how there are counties that actually pay for the volunteer service to operate and it's funded by the taxpayers. Now there is of course a lot … [Continue reading]

Cellular Transport | Just The Highlights

Here is another EMS Quick Study Tips episode. This week I continue with A&P and focus on cellular transport and mainly the key areas you might see on your next EMS exam. Check out the EMS Quick Study Guide and discover how this resource can … [Continue reading]

Are Smart Phones Replacing Our Partners?

This week we talk about using Smart Phones on the ambulance and mainly ask the question "Is your smart phone replacing your partner?" Take a listen to see what we mean and leave your thoughts below. … [Continue reading]