EMS Quick Study Help | IV Sites and Structures


This weeks MM covers more IV therapy tips by discussing IV site locations and vein structures. This is geared to help you with your EMS paramedic exam, with patient care and documentation. Get the EMS Quick Study Guide - click here   … [Continue reading]

What If Ambulance Service Was Gone….. Overnight


Think about. What if all of a sudden dozens of shifts and their personnel where no longer responding to emergencies? Well, in this case it's an not "if". It's more of a "it did" and a "why". Why did it happen, why wasn't there warning and why … [Continue reading]

IV Needles & Catheters | EMS Quick Study Help


This episode of the EMS Quick Study Tips continues with IV therapy and focuses on IV needles and catheter use in EMS for paramedics. While it may be basic for some, don't miss little things that can give you that extra five points on an exam. … [Continue reading]

Free Webinar | EMS Exam Success


Join me for a free live webinar on March 16th at 1500 hrs, EST Everyone has a different method of studying and preparing for exams. You have probably developed this over the course of your life and it works for you. The thing is, maybe you … [Continue reading]

Meeting EMS Student Expectations


EMS educators are challenged with meeting student expectations. What do new candidates in EMS expect from the learning experience and what they will see in the field? So how to we teach new EMS providers what's real in EMS? This week I am … [Continue reading]

The Right EMS Equipment, The Right Call

Do you bring in every piece of equipment on every call? Or do you make judgements based on call types, locations or experience? This weeks podcast I am joined by EMS educator and blogger Rommie Duckworth and we talked about what is the right … [Continue reading]

IV Therapy | EMS Quick Study Help

As we leave A&P behind, I start the next phase of the EMS Quick Study Tips with IV therapy. Part one focuses on IV uses, types and administration. This is key info you need for that next EMS exam. Don't feel like you got enough of … [Continue reading]

Key Steps To Becoming A Flight Paramedic

Flight Paramedic

This episode of EMSOH Jim is joined by Troy Shaffer who is the director of The Flight Safety Network. Troy discusses some key steps to becoming a flight medic. They also talk about some great interview techniques that will help you no matter what EMS … [Continue reading]

EMS Quick Study Tips | Urinary System

This EMS Study Guide episode focuses on the urinary and reproductive systems. Keys elements to help you pass your EMS paramedic exams and understand your patient care decisions.     Get more details on the EMS Quick Study Guide … [Continue reading]

Metabolic PH | EMS Quick Study Help

EMS paramedic study help for metabolic PH. Understanding metabolic acidosis and alkalosis. Key points to pass your EMS exam.   More information on the EMS Quick Study Guide can be found here. … [Continue reading]