Circulatory System Part II | EMS Quick Study Tips

This episode of the EMS paramedic quick study help tips discusses cardiac electrical system, cardiac volume and heart regulation and function. These are all key areas you will see on EMS and paramedic exams.   Claim your very own copy … [Continue reading]

The Heart & Circulatory System | EMS Quick Study Help

This EMS Quick Study Tips session is part one of the Heart and Circulatory System. It covers one area you will definitely see on your EMS paramedic exam.     Click here for details on the EMS Quick Study Guide mentioned in the video. … [Continue reading]

Endocrine System | EMS Quick Study Help

Continuing with the EMS quick study help series is this new episode that focuses on the endocrine system.   Click here for details on the EMS Quick Study Guide mentioned during the video. Be sure to share and like below to get that social … [Continue reading]

How Many Shots Did You Hear? | NOLA


This episode I am joined by Brett Schneider the author of "Welcome to New Orleans... How Many Shots Did You Hear?" In this emotional collection of short stories, B.J. Schneider recounts one hundred of the most remarkable events in his career. You … [Continue reading]

Managing Life Outside EMS & Code Green Campaign

This episode we talk about the new network, living your life outside of EMS, your personality color and the Code Green Campaign. Discover the all in one EMS study and training resource. Members only! … [Continue reading]

The Foreign Language Of ECG Recognition


When your new in EMS one of the most challenging subjects is ECG recognition. Too often new paramedics and those entering paramedic school want to jump right into 12 lead ECG's, Axis deviation and all that sexy stuff. They want to bypass the basics … [Continue reading]

ECG Recognition | 3 X 3

This weeks Monday Minutes breaks away from the EMS quick tips and focuses on three ECG recognition tips that will keep you on track and alert you to abnormalities when looking at those ECG tracings. Some may think these are basic tips. But you must … [Continue reading]

A Quick Spinal Immobilization Session

This latest on the podcast has Jim, Josh and Dave talking about specific changes to protocols and the elimination of spinal immobilization. This was a quick session and we will most likely revisit this one soon. Does your agency still use long … [Continue reading]

EMS Quick Study Help | Central Nervous System

EMS paramedic quick study help focusing on the central nervous system and EMS exams. Click here to find out more about Uncovering The Autonomic Nervous System. … [Continue reading]

EMS Quick Study Help | The Nervous System

This installment starts off the nervous system. Watch this video for key points to look for on your next EMS exam and how they can help you with patient care and documentation.   Be sure to share and like this below. … [Continue reading]