Over 270,000 Listens | A Ten Year History

This episode of the podcast has Jim and Josh looking back at the show. While prepping for this episode I looked back at the stats and tallied up over 270,000 listens to the show over the past 11 years. That a lot. We talked about Josh and WANTYNU … [Continue reading]

Psychological Trauma in EMS Patients | PTSD

Free EMS Seminar - NY Paramedics and EMTs.  Through the use of case-based lectures, highly interactive student activities, and realistic scenario stations, this course prepares providers to integrate specific interventions designed to mediate … [Continue reading]

Seizures | EMS Quick Study Help

This episode focuses on EMS study tips for seizures and epilepsy. More key elements of exams and patient assessment. … [Continue reading]

You Can’t Bill For EMS Experience

This weeks podcast is a discussion on EMS organizations and personnel leaving for other jobs like Fire or Law Enforcement. What do agencies do to try and retain these experienced providers? During the show Dave commented that "You can't bill for … [Continue reading]

Types of CNS Disorders | EMS Quick Study Help

This episode of EMS quick study help tips focuses on the types of central nervous system disorders. Using an acronym can help you recall the various types of CNS issues when you get stuck come exam time.     Be sure to share, Like or … [Continue reading]

Are Leading EMS Organizations Losing Their Way?

This week Josh and Jim talk about leading EMS organizations and ask if they are losing their way when it comes to content they are publishing? In particular Jim mentions a recent blog post that puts JEMS on blast a bit for their seemingly lack of … [Continue reading]

Is The Public Desire For Degrees In EMS Privately Ignored?

If college degree providers are the goal why do leaders and organizations in EMS continue to accept and promote non degree programs and employees? Does it boil down to dollars and cents or is it that there just isn't enough providers who pursue the … [Continue reading]

EMS Education, Distance Learning and Pay

This episode I am joined why Scott McConnell of DistanceCME.com. We discussed EMS education and the challenges of distance learning as well as the value it can bring. Scott gave his best three tips to make the most of learning online and we even … [Continue reading]

Central Nervous System | EMS Quick Study Tips

I begin the neurological emergency section with a quick overview of the central nervous system (CNS). … [Continue reading]

Changing BSI & Scene Safety | Oh yeah… Zombies

This episode talks about using the zombie apocalypse, changing how EMS does scene safety and BSI training. Plus Jims idea for his on duty Halloween costume.   Get the download from CDC here. Follow Jim on Instagram click … [Continue reading]