Choosing Who Lives, Who Dies and Gets Picked Up In EMS

Do we choose who lives and dies in EMS or are we just following guidelines, made up my people who are out of touch with reality, research and medicine? Policies enforced with a legal eye and no regard for the patient and their outcomes. There is a … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Pathophysiology and Assessment | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

In part two of the respiratory emergencies segment I focus on key pathophysiology and assessment findings for respiratory patients. These are elements you will see on your exams and knowing them will do more than just boost for score.  … [Continue reading]

Is Any Day Your EMS Everyday?

What perception do people have of you? Have you built negative cache by letting things go and become your everyday? Not sure what I mean? Take a listen to this weeks podcast to see what I am talking about. It is a short episode but I think it will … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies Part 1 | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This episode of Monday Minutes begins respiratory emergencies. Basic key points on respiratory emergencies to get you started and help with paramedic EMT exams, patient care and EMS knowledge.     Get your EMS PHD. Seven powerful … [Continue reading]

EMS Training, Response & Patient Outcomes

We focus a lot on response in EMS. Your response coupled with your paramedic or EMT training can effect patient outcomes.  Sometimes response is the focus without equal attention to training. Getting there is only part of what we do, yet is often … [Continue reading]

Social Media In EMS

Here is an older podcast I did with Greg Friese of We talked about social media in EMS how it goes beyond just a simple post and how it can affect your EMS career. This was a great episode I know you will enjoy. Go leave a rating … [Continue reading]

The Accidental EMS Lifer

Did you start out in EMS with a five year plan? Now it's 15 years later and you are still on the ambulance with no end in sight. Looks like you have become an Accidental EMS Lifer. But all is not lost and you are not alone. In fact it isn't all … [Continue reading]

Geriatric Patients P2 | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This latest Monday Minutes video finishes up on the geriatric patient. Get key elements to look for when assessing and transporting your geriatric patient. It's important to keep certain considerations in mind when doing a patient assessment on the … [Continue reading]

Why EMS Providers Resist Knowledge

I was joined by Mike Pertz this week on the show and we discussed a variety of topics. One of them being why EMS providers resist increasing their knowledge base unless it is exam time or mandated by their job or certification. Mike is a … [Continue reading]

Anticipation Can Be Everything In EMS

Being able to anticipate things in EMS can be helpful. When you think about it, you can actually try and anticipate many things in your EMS day. By doing this you will find yourself better prepared what you find even if you didn't actually anticipate … [Continue reading]