EMS Butt Hurt And Owning Your Engagement

This episode focuses on some butt hurt I got online and the glaring differences in engagement when it comes to EMS content online. Take a listen       Are you engaged in your education and success? You must pass … [Continue reading]

Cold Emergencies | EMS Quick Study Tips

This week on the Monday Minutes I continue the EMS quick study help and focus on environmental emergencies. This part discusses general cold emergencies, frostbite and hypothermia. Remember these videos are key elements that you will often see on EMS … [Continue reading]

Heat Emergencies | EMS Quick Study Help

This episode of the EMS Quick Study Help focuses on Heat Emergencies. Great tips to keep in mind for your upcoming exam, patient care and documentation.       Have you discovered the Turbo Medic PHD? Watch this behind the … [Continue reading]

Preparing For EMS Opportunity | Being A Leader

This episode of the podcast I talk about the recent EMS agency that was bought out in NY and how as an EMS professional you need to be ready for opportunities. Take a listen to see what I mean and how this also translates to being a leader no matter … [Continue reading]

Are You Feeling Deflated In EMS?

This weeks podcast talks about having that "why bother" feeling. It's common in many professions and you are not alone. Listen to this short 11 minute episode to see what I am talking about and my two suggestions to stay out of this mind … [Continue reading]

Ever Ask Yourself Why You Are In EMS?

This is a guest post by Jason MacKenzie, NRP. I think he gave some great insight and opinion many will agree with. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments below.   ==== Why did you take this job? I have a bone to pick. … [Continue reading]

What’s Your EMS Specialty?

This week I talk about specialties in EMS. Not necessarily the types that come with an Alphabet string to add to your last name. See what I mean and let me know what your specialty is in the comments below.   Click here to subscribe, … [Continue reading]

When Drunks Want Out, Who Are We To Stop Them?

Remember the part of EMT and Paramedic class about babysitting? Me neither. Sure we should take care of patients and prevent people from harming themselves. But at what expense? Provider injury to stop someone from doing something stupid? Maybe even … [Continue reading]

Learning From Pain & Long ED Wait Times

How can we benefit from painful experiences? Take a listen to Jim's thoughts and why a 7 hour ED wait is just plain non sense.   Click here to subscribe, review and comment on iTunes. It takes just a few minutes and really helps the … [Continue reading]

Gaining Respect In EMS Through A College Degree?

Some in EMS feel that having a college degree will fix so many of the problems we face as a profession. Having that formal education is key, but there is so much more that lends to getting the respect of our healthcare peers. See what I mean in … [Continue reading]