Inferior ST Elevation | Case Studies X2

This week I wanted to do a STEMI episode. But there is so much out there and admittedly better than I can do in a short 5-10 minute session. So here is a nice video about six minutes in length by that goes over two EKG case studies and how they relate to inferior ST elevation.

Check this out:

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Electrical Path Of Heart and ECG Complex

[vsw id=”39856468″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


This is a nice quick video and shows the electrical path of the heart and how it relates to what you see on the EKG paper or monitor. While the music is a bit much, I think its a  cool take on it.

I suggest making it full screen for a better view and watch it once or twice to see how they correlated the images.

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EMS EKG Help | PVC’s

This Monday Minutes gives a short EMS EKG help overview on premature ventricular contractions.

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Preventing Artifact On Your EKG’s

Reading EKG’s is skill that is hard enough in a nice still cardiology office. But it can be even harder in the back of a moving ambulance. This Microwave Medic installment gives some EMS based advice on preventing artifact in your EKG’s. [Read more…]