Is Turnover Hurting EMS?

Is EMS the stepping stone to other professions? Do providers leave EMS to pursue better career options when they find so few in EMS. Sometimes its not about pay. It can be about career movement, job satisfaction and options for the long haul.

Is teaching and supervisory positions the only rungs in the ladder?

Check out this podcast reboot and leave your thoughts below.


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What’s Your EMS End Game?

This episode of the show asks “Whats your EMS end game?”. It doesn’t have to be in EMS and if you are just starting out in EMS it is something you should be thinking about.

Take a listen and maybe you will start thinking what yours is if you have not already.




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Building Your EMS Knowledge Base

Study5This week Josh, Jim and David opened the discussion up and talked about various EMS topics. One of them being building your knowledge base in EMS. What is too much information? Nice to know vs. need to know for your patients.

Take a listen and leave your comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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