Should EMT’s Take ACLS?

ems acls educationBased on a discussion I saw on LinkedIn, I give my take on whether EMT’s should be taking an ACLS course. While advancing our education is what we should all strive for, can obtaining EMS education above our scope hurt or help us? What are your thoughts?



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Your Silence Is Your Acknowledgement

EMS membership is lagging. Worse is that participation in changes and popular topics in the industry is almost non existent except for a handful of people all saying the
same thing. Change is needed, wanted and begged for. But without a unified voice, without a bigger push for what EMS needs as an industry to move forward, all that will be heard by the entities that have the option to promote change or just leave things as they are is silence.

Your silence is your agreement to keep things as they are. Not voicing your opinion, talking to your peers and being an active part of the potential changes that face EMS or that can advance the industry is simply allowing it all to stay the same.

What’s the answer? A start could be to promote each others success, look for opportunities to have a voice and as individuals, become unified to take EMS to the next level in patient care, career opportunities and educational success.  Listen to this weeks Office Hours below to find out what I mean by all this and leave your comments or click away to the next page…. it’s your choice.

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Teaching & Instructing OR Coaching & Mentoring

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