It’s Hard Advocating For Our EMS Patients

Sometimes it feels like you are going against the current. Even your patients resist when you are trying to advocate for them. Its frustrating but its important to always come full circle and to keep going and doing the right thing. Take a listen below to see what I mean on this weeks podcast.




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When Drunks Want Out, Who Are We To Stop Them?

Remember the part of EMT and Paramedic class about babysitting? Me neither. Sure we should take care of patients and prevent people from harming themselves. But at what expense? Provider injury to stop someone from doing something stupid? Maybe even dumber  than what they have already done to be in your ambulance in the first place.

Take a listen to this weeks episode about the drunk who would be free. Only to sue EMS for his actions.


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Getting Refusals, Cameras and Perception

ems paramedic questionsIn this EMS Office Hours reboot we discussed if being an EMT really is the worst job, how someone’s camera may not put you in the best light and Tim Noonan joined us as we talked about refusals, hypoxia and true patient awareness.

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EMS Quick Study Tips | Urinary System

This EMS Study Guide episode focuses on the urinary and reproductive systems. Keys elements to help
you pass your EMS paramedic exams and understand your patient care decisions.


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EMS Unit Utilization | Is Data Effecting Patient Care?

As EMS professionals we do a job. Part of that job is being available to take calls and respond in a timely manner. Utilization of EMSmedicsmalefemale crews and tracking times on scene, in hospitals etc. ensure we are meeting the goals of response. However, when does this metric of time begin to effect patient care, documentation and even response?

Take a listen to this episode and share your thoughts below. I have a feeling we will be re-visiting this topic soon and hope to add your feedback to the discussion.




How Do You Treat Drownings?

ems paramedic questionsThis week Jim, Josh and Dave talk about trauma vs. medical approach in the drowning patient. Most EMS protocols focus on the medical end with a trauma CYA aspect.

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TCA Overdose | EMS Patient Care Tips

Patients who have overdosed on TCA medications can present with serious cardiac toxic symptoms. We may not see the effects of this type of overdose in the field due to a longer onset time, but there are various signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for when we encounter a patient claiming to have taken too many of this drug.

It doesn’t matter if it was accidentally or intentional. The outcome is same. Take a quick look at this weeks Monday Minutes to be sure you don’t overlook a key clinical presentation.

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Did You Consider Solu-Medrol?

I often hear paramedics say they don’t consider giving solu-medrol to their asthma patients because it takes too long to work. I have seen some EMS agencies removing this drug from their drug box due to this and the cost savings of doing so.

But shouldn’t we look a little beyond the immediate care we give and what we see is happening to the patient? This week I point out a few things that may have you re-thinking the use of this drug.

Do you use solu-medrol as part of your treatment for asthmatics?  Is your agency considering removing this drug from your options or have they already? Post your thoughts below.

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CPR vs. CCR | EMS Questions | WWJD 2/7/2013

Got a question on the differences and the EMS view between CPR and CCR or cardiocerebral resuscitation. So I gave a quick overview on this and showed a screencast of a sample protocol used by EMT’s and paramedics for CCR.

Do you use this method during initial cardiac arrest patients? Something similar? Post your comments below.

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EMS Patient Assessment | Speech

While common evaluations of speech are usually focused at the potential stroke patient. Assessing a patients speech is also important for other illnesses or injuries. Check out this weeks Minutes for common speech assessments and terms you can use during your EMS reports.


Also see here for more Stroke information.