Patients Should Not Be Dumped Off Stretchers Onto Floors But…..

EMS If you follow social media on EMS at all you may have seen the video with the paramedic flipping a patient off the stretcher. Have you ever been in the same situation as this paramedic? While using the excuse of “snapping” does not support this medics actions and while he was 100% wrong in doing this to the patient. Isn’t there a “but” someplace in this video?

Take a listen to this weeks episode to see what I mean and be sure to leave your comments below.

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Your EMS Task At Hand

The last Monday Minutes for 2013. I end the year with tips on staying focused, how it can help you and your patient. I also talk about how when you know “You have a job” staying on task is vital. Take a listen and let me know if you or your partners have been guilty of these distractions.


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Which EMS “P” Are You?

Medic partnersWhere do you put yourself working in EMS? I think it can come down to three key self titles.

Provider – the person that does the job, does it well and looks for that paycheck, the job security.

Professional – still does a great a job, expects the paycheck but also goes above the basics. Seeks out training, knowledge and interaction with other EMS folks.

Evangelist – beating the drum of all that is EMS. Absorbing as much education as you can, taking part in out of work activities. Spreading the good word of EMS where ever you go.

So where do you fit in? Maybe you are a little of all three.

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Longevity In EMS

The salty dog, the medic everyone calls Doc. What does it take to have longevity in EMS? What changes for that provider who has ten, twenty or more years in the industry? EMS professionals who keep doing the job year after year have a vested interest in the future of the industry. At least they should have. Have you been in EMS for over 10 years? What keeps you going, what are your hopes and do you try and pass your experience and goals to the younger generation? Take a listen and be sure to share your thoughts, goals and how you have seen EMS change over the years in the comments below.


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Josh Knapp from WANTYNU

Bob Sullivan from EMS Patient Perspective

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Steve Whitehead over at The EMT Spot <– mentioned by Bob and Jim

Below is the link for the book Resuscitate by Mickey Eisenberg

Defining An EMS Professional

What makes an EMS professional? It is your uniform, education or attitude? Is it defined by your skills or your last exam score? What about paid vs. volunteer? Can there be a definite answer or is it all perception? How do you describe what an EMS Professional is?


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EMS Partners – Good Bad or Ugly

Having a good partner in EMS can mean the difference between having a good tour or being tortured. What’s your definition of a good partner? Is it personality, professionalism, knowledge, skills or some combination of all. Listen in to hear Josh from WANTYNU give his opinion, Russell the Hybrid Medic talk about his positive experience when management tries to help and Jim teases EMT’s a little.

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Josh K. of

Russell Stine the Hybridmedic

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Your Silence Is Your Acknowledgement

EMS membership is lagging. Worse is that participation in changes and popular topics in the industry is almost non existent except for a handful of people all saying the
same thing. Change is needed, wanted and begged for. But without a unified voice, without a bigger push for what EMS needs as an industry to move forward, all that will be heard by the entities that have the option to promote change or just leave things as they are is silence.

Your silence is your agreement to keep things as they are. Not voicing your opinion, talking to your peers and being an active part of the potential changes that face EMS or that can advance the industry is simply allowing it all to stay the same.

What’s the answer? A start could be to promote each others success, look for opportunities to have a voice and as individuals, become unified to take EMS to the next level in patient care, career opportunities and educational success.  Listen to this weeks Office Hours below to find out what I mean by all this and leave your comments or click away to the next page…. it’s your choice.

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