Are Leading EMS Organizations Losing Their Way?

EMS1This week Josh and Jim talk about leading EMS organizations and ask if they are losing their way when it comes to content they are publishing?

In particular Jim mentions a recent blog post that puts JEMS on blast a bit for their seemingly lack of research and simple formatted articles.

Has this leading EMS magazine lost its way and can it find its way back?

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You can read the article mentioned in this episode at the link below

Open Letter To JEMS

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Too Much Oxygen, Too Many Backboards

Study5This week on the rapid fire episode Tim Noonan joined myself and Josh for a lively discussion on oxygen therapy, spinal immobilization (yeah, that old gag) and research based treatment in EMS.

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Josh over at and your humble host Jim Hoffman at EMS SEO.

Click here for the article at EMS World mention during the show

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