Combining EMS, Fire and Police Into One?

This week on the show we talk about an article on combing EMS, Fire and Police into one single all purpose Public Safety Office. We also hit on the Community Paramedic model and why we still see items like bite sticks and jaw screws being sold by leading EMS suppliers. Take a listen and leave your thoughts below.


Show notes:

Josh from WANTYNU

Bob Sullivan from EMS Patient Perspective


Article links

Combining EMS, Fire and Police Idea

Community Paramedic 






If One Paramedic Is Good, Two Is Better Right? Not So Fast.

EMS systems vary across the US. Some run one medic one EMT crews, some run double medic crews. There are even those that have 3-5 medics show up on a call. Beyond cost, many are gearing towards the one medic one EMT model and tout better patient care and provider proficiency. Take a listen to this lively discussion and leave your views below.

Show Notes:

Tim Noonan – Rogue Medic

Bob Sullivan of EMS Patient Perspective

Josh from WANTYNU

Links to check out:

EMS World article on Austin-Travis TX staffing change

Check out these interesting articles on New Jersey as well.

Update – 3/2/12

A few more links sent over by Tim.

Effect of crew size on objective measures of resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
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The association between emergency medical services staffing patterns and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival.
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