IV Therapy Complications | EMS Study Help

In this last installment on IV therapy in the EMS quick study help series. I discuss potential complications. When you know these key elements of EMS paramedic care it will help you on your EMS exams, paramedic patient care and treatment.


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EMS Quick Study Tips | Urinary System

This EMS Study Guide episode focuses on the urinary and reproductive systems. Keys elements to help
you pass your EMS paramedic exams and understand your patient care decisions.


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Metabolic PH | EMS Quick Study Help

EMS paramedic study help for metabolic PH. Understanding metabolic acidosis and alkalosis. Key points to pass your EMS exam.


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Circulatory System Part II | EMS Quick Study Tips

This episode of the EMS paramedic quick study help tips discusses cardiac electrical system, cardiac volume and heart regulation and function.

These are all key areas you will see on EMS and paramedic exams.


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EMS Quick Study Help | The Nervous System

This installment starts off the nervous system. Watch this video for key points to look for on your next EMS exam and how they can help you with patient care and documentation.


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EMS Quick Study Help | Skeletal System

This EMS quick study tips episode focuses on the skeletal system. Get the EMS exam help that covers key elements of any EMS paramedic exam.

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Cellular Metabolism | EMS Quick Study Help E6

This installment of the EMS Quick Study Help series continues with A&P and cellular metabolism and cellular respiration. These key areas should help you focus on what you may be challenged with on this topic and perhaps assist you in recalling important terms when taking your next EMS exam.


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EMS Foundations | EMS Quick Study

This weeks Monday Minutes starts a brand new feature where I am going to focus on nice EMS quick study tips. These early ones may be a bit run of the mill for you but I want to start at the beginning and build this library resource for you and future members.

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EMS Terminology | Have You Seen These?

Knowing EMS terminology can you help you on your paramedic or EMT exam. Often exam questions will assume you know the meaning of certain terms and how they apply to your patient and treatments. They will not explain terms within a question or answer choice, since knowing them is part of your training and study.

Yes, I had a tongue twister on one of these, but I think I eventually spit it out.


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EMS Study Tips | Learning vs. Memorizing

If you are a paramedic or EMT student, refreshing or brand new. Studying the content for exams is always a task less than favorited. However, being an EMS professional requires you to not merely memorize content that will help your patients but actually know and understand the content and how it’s applied.

So with so much content to absorb, how do you learn it vs. simply memorizing it for an exam? In this EMS study tips video I talk about how you can learn the content required to be a knowledgeable EMS provider. Yes you still may have to memorize certain aspects of what you need to know, but learning the content and understanding it will most certainly help you recall what you need to on exams and out in the field.


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