Should EMS Just Train For The Street?

Study5With new training guidelines and increased classroom times. It seems that new students coming out of paramedic school are not as prepared as they should be. Topics like safety and documentation are often glossed over.

Too many times we hear instructors say “This isn’t the way we do it in the street…”

There seems to be a gap between classroom and field or real life training. This gap appears to be widening and sending new providers out into the real world of EMS either not prepared or terrified of what to expect.

Is too much time being spent on topics not geared toward EMS? Is there not enough time focused on what is needed to operate as a paramedic in the field out of paramedic class?

This week Josh and I talk about this and are joined in the chat room by John Broyles and Scott from EMS in the New Decade.

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No Substitute For The Real Thing

While there is no substitute for the experience on that real crazy trauma call or the medical call that runs every algorithm in the book,
preparation can help. Are you prepared or do you know it all already?

EMS Information Overload

With so much information out there and different ways to get it, how do you avoid information overload? Can there be such a thing in EMS? Jim has a quick view on that in this weeks Monday Minutes. What do you think?