Quick Let’s Get Rid Of The IO Needles

Not so fast. This weeks EMS show focuses on the study suggesting that IO access in cardiac arrest may not be as good as those plain ole boring IV’s.

I had the full show cast on this one and both Dave and Josh provided interesting opinions on this study.

Take a listen below and check out the study and article about it from EMS1 via the links below.

You can read the full study by clicking here. 

Read the article over at EMS1.com on this IO IV debate. 

Bites & Stings | EMS Study Help

This weeks MM finishes up on poisonings and talks about those patients with bites and stings and the primary elements paramedics and EMT’s will often see on exams. If this quick video doesn’t have you nodding your head in understanding, open that textbook and review. [Read more…]

The Right EMS Equipment, The Right Call

EMS2Do you bring in every piece of equipment on every call?

Or do you make judgements based on call types, locations or experience?

This weeks podcast I am joined by EMS educator and blogger Rommie Duckworth and we talked about what is the right equipment to bring in on EMS calls.

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Expanding The EMT Role | What’s At Stake?

Giving nitro, albuterol treatments, epi pens and now intranasal narcan. While giving or assisting patients with these medications can be beneficial, is proper training and oversight being provided along with these added responsibilities. How many EMT’s want these added responsibilities? Should EMT’s even have these responsibilities?


Show notes:

Bob Sullivan – EMS Patient Perspective

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU

EMS – A Jury Of Your Peers

Ever feel like you get judged by your fellow EMS peers because you did or didn’t do something. Maybe you’ve sat at quarters and listened to another crew talk about a medic or EMT and how they reacted on a call. Does this make you more agressive or even timid when it comes to your patient care? What are your feelings on this and how we can avoid being a backseat driver on someone elses 911 call.

Show notes:


Tim Noonan – Roguemedic.com

Mark Albert – EMSMedRx

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What Are You Doing In That Ambulance?

ems patient care transportHow do you spend your time with patients? Do you re-assess, engage your patient and give a good accurate report to the ED? Or are you finding yourself going through the motions taking calibrated vital signs and thinking about that cup of coffee. Which provider are you and do you see a trend leaning towards one type over another? What do you think? Listen to the discussion below and post your thoughts and opinions below and visit the guests blogs and links.

Show Notes:


Hybrid Medic & Robo Cop Statue

EMS Boot Camp Write Up

If You Pay For An ER Appointment, Is There An Emergency?

ems patient care transportWith more emergency departments being overwhelmed with patients. Some are trying to alleviate the amount of people showing up at specific times. Doing things like texting people wait times and even allowing people to pay for an off peak appointment. Will this have any effect on EMS or is this just hospitals responding to an overload of non emergent ED visits. Won’t this just encourage more non emergent visits? Checkout this podcast below and give your take on this topic and how you think EMS will be helped or hurt by these initiatives.

Great chat room interaction and a few non EMS callers that made it interesting.

Show Notes:


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When Does Someone Become A Patient?

ems patient care refusalWhen do you think a patient is well – a patient. Who gets to say? You, the 911 caller, law enforcement? Listen in as Jim was joined by a few other EMS pros on this topic. Be sure to leave your views on this in the comments below. What’s your story?


Show Notes:

JEMS article from Dr. Bledsoe – http://www.jems.com/article/administration-and-leadership/ems-system-abuse

The Hybrid Medic – http://hybridmedic.com

Wantynu Oxygen Wrench – http://wantynu.com

EMS Boot Camp – http://emsbootcamp.com

Is There Really A Generation Gap In EMS?

This latest Office Hours talks about the perceived generation gap in EMS. Is this a real thing or is it a way to excuse “burnout”? Wouldn’t the term “Interested vs. Disinterested” be more accurate? Listen in and let Jim know if you like turkey and and how you would handle the call he mentioned in this episode.


Wantynu Oxygen Wrench – http://wantynu.com

EMS Provider Skills | Responsible vs. Incompetence

When it comes to skills in EMS, pressure to do well especially in front of your co-workers can be stressful. Things like IV access, drug selection and clinical impressions can leave your co-workers with either a positive or negative view of you. Sometimes worrying about this perception can dictate this view more negatively than you think, IF you’re not thinking.

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