How We Will We Evaluate EMS Skills?

No more EMS skill sheets

How ever will we evaluate EMS candidates and ensure their success in class, on exams and in the field?

This episode of EMS Office Hours talks about this and more like EMS Week and why the do we keep up that farce?

🚑 Be Better At EMS 🚑

How To Assess Difficult Patients | Scene Safety BSI

Remember that violent patient manikin in EMT class? Or what about the simulated patient under arrest?

Yeah, most EMT courses stick to the basics and rarely present students with a violent patient or patient in custody scenario. 

It’s hard to do and time is often limited in class. So instructors have to stick with the basics. 

But then you have that shiny new NREMT card and go on your first violent patient call and find patient assessment is anything but your standard head to toe. 

This episode of the podcast discusses the violent patients, the ones under arrest and even the ones you think could be violent at any minute. 

Plus we talk about the need for more situational awareness given the apparent increase in violence against EMS and Fire crews. 

Talk a listen or watch the video below.

Your patient didn’t read the textbook. 

All chest pain is not an MI and all breathing problems are not asthma.

Think critically and get your FREE differential diagnosis guide. 

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