Stages Of Shock | EMS NREMT Quick Study Help Tips

This short video covers the key elements on the stages of shock. Perfect to build your knowledge and refresh on important elements for NREMT exam success. 


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EMT Paramedic Clinical’s | Surviving Your Rotations

Quick podcast for EMT and paramedic students. Great tips on surviving ambulance rotations. Ideas on how to get the most from your experience.


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The Closing Of An Ambulance Service | MONOC

After over 40 years of providing EMS services in NJ. MONOC is closing it's doors. You can read the official reasons behind this here.   This episode I am joined by Michael Welsh. Make is a long time employee at MONOC and he gives his take on the … [Continue reading]

Trying To Make Sense Of Community Paramedics

This week the crew talks about community paramedic programs. Do they work, are they for EMS and is there a better approach to handling 911 overload? What's your take?       Be sure to get my new EMS Differential … [Continue reading]

Who Drives Your Ambulance?

During this lively episode Jim, Dave and Josh discuss EMS staffing with an EMT/Driver, an EMS first as a new EMT and touch on effective CPR compression/depth ratio. Yeah this one was a little scattered but hey, thats why it's called Office Hours. … [Continue reading]

EMS Study Tips | Trauma & Bleeding P4

This installment of the Monday Minutes EMS study help tips continues with key elements of trauma, soft tissue injuries and bleeding. Use this video to help you understand key elements you will see on your EMS EMT and paramedic exams.  … [Continue reading]

EMS Firsts | Help By Sharing

This episode is the beginning of a series of shows focused on EMS firsts. I hope to get more engagement as we go forward and get other EMS professionals on to share their stories of calls, partners, skills and exams. By sharing we can help … [Continue reading]

The Fine Line Of EMS Humor

OK, with a recent focus on a "sick & twisted" EMS Facebook page by local news, EMS sites and other pages. I decided to get on with Josh and talk about the dark humor in EMS. While the Facebook page in question may have gone a bit too far. … [Continue reading]

EMS Shortage Or Short On Pay?

After seeing several articles and social media discussions on the claims about EMS provider shortage. Jim and Josh jump on and ask the question "Is it truly a shortage of providers?" or maybe the continued low pay of EMS professionals is forcing … [Continue reading]

Are We Teaching To Pass The NREMT?

EMS educator and speaker Mike Smith joins Jim for this episode and they talk about difficulties in EMS training like teaching for the NREMT exam vs. teaching for the real world. Mike points out how it can be a good blend if done the right … [Continue reading]