EMS Study Help Tips | Treating Allergic Reactions

This episode of the Monday Minutes finishes up allergic reactions and targets treatment of mild, moderate and severe allergic reactions. Watch for key elements seen on EMS paramedic and EMT exams

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EMS Study Tips | Allergic Reaction | Signs & Symptoms

This EMS study tips session focuses on the signs and symptoms of allergic and anaphylaxis reactions

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Focusing On Emotional Aspects Of EMS

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Life and Death Matters | The Podcast Interview

This week I interview Samuel and Christian Adams who are the authors of the book "Life & Death Matters. Professionalism and Decision Making for the First Responder". This was a great episode and I picked a few sections of the book to discuss … [Continue reading]

EMS Quick Study Help | Allergic Reactions | Terms and Pathology

This episode of the Monday Minutes begins its focus on allergic reactions. I start with basic terms and pathology before we start to get a bit deeper. This EMS study help video will give you common elements you will often see on exams and also build … [Continue reading]

EMS Partners vs. Coworkers

Have you felt the difference between when you work with a steady partner versus when you work with just another paramedic or EMT that you don't really know. Watch this short video to get some insight and a quick read from Buff to Burnt on the topic. … [Continue reading]

Personal EMS Math | Adding Up To Ten

It can be hard to be perfect, even for just one second. Sometimes things get out of control. Thats when you and your team matter most. Sometimes you just don't feel 100%. Occasionally the call or scene starts to get away from you. Knowing your … [Continue reading]

Diabetic Emergencies | HHNC | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This EMS study video episode focuses on HHNC or Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Non Ketotic Coma. Get key elements on this diabetic emergency and EMS study help that you will see on exams and help move your EMS knowledge … [Continue reading]

Being Perfect In EMS For One Second

EMS calls can be hard at times and you might feel like you are losing control of a scene or patient care. But what if you could be perfect for just one second? It can make that EMS call, patient care and even your day to day life a success. Take a … [Continue reading]

Diabetic Emergencies | Hyperglycemia | DKA | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This session of the Monday Minutes focuses on DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Great review for diabetic emergencies and hyperglycemia patients. This video is geared to help you build your EMS paramedic knowledge and pass EMS exams … [Continue reading]