Tips On Advocating For Your Non-911 Patient

With a rash of non emergent calls lately, Jim talks about ways to educate patients who don’t need 911 but may benefit more from a doctors office or clinic. Take a listen and discover when is a good time to try and educate a patient or family and when you should give up. Do you just haul from the call or do you try and make the most out of the patient contact?


  1. I disagree with just about every word uttered in this podcast.

  2. Five major cities and the IFCA has now launched investigations into teletriage as a solution to nonemergent calls. This involves assessing patients at the outset with Decision Support Software. This makes such concepts as scheduling, treat and release, etc. legally safely and fully documented. Should something bad unfold with the patient, then a fully compiled record is available that is also fully clinically referenced. This may be done remotely at the dispatch or hospital level, but software will also be made available shortly for field use, integrated into ePCR. For a reference list of information visit:

    Roger Heath


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