A Lighter Note On EMS Week

This week takes on a lighter note at Office Hours as Jim and Josh talk about EMS Week contests, giveaways, events and recognition of the EMS Everyday Hero. How did your agency is celebrate EMS Week? How did it recognize it’s members? Listen in to this episode for some EMS Feedback and how you can make EMS Week part of your whole year.

Show notes:


Everyday EMS Tips – EMS Week posts

Muddy Angels Memorial Bike Ride

DavesEMS.com – EMS Week Page

Advocating for EMS all year long – EMSWeekIdeas.com

EMS Week Comments at The Social Medic

Too Old To Work Too Young To Retire – Take This Week & Shove It




Check out the Mining Rescue Services link


StatMedivac Contest

Win an Itouch – Penncare EMS Week Giveaway

Jim’s EMS Week Giveaway


Josh Knapp – wantynu.com

Tim Noonan – The Rogue Medic


  1. Really enjoy your program. Will keep tuning in as often as time allows. Happy EMS week. Enjoy!


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