EMS Continuing Education – Are You Satisfied?

In this weeks Minutes I talk about a recent post over at EverydayEMSTips.com and a few of the comments there. Just because you have satisfied your annual CE requirements does not mean that YOU should be satisfied with your EMS education and knowledge. Take a listen to this episode (about 9 minutes) and get my take on this along with my ideas for some self learning you should be doing everyday.


Show links:

Everyday EMS Tips post on EMT’s not willing to do CE.

Centrelearn – Online CE Courses

EMS Boot Camp – Live and recorded EMS webinars



  1. Jim, thanks for this discussion about the importance of continuous education. My goal as an educator is to build and deliver education that honors student’s time, knowledge, and experience. Of course with a diverse audience that is difficult to do for every individual but it is what drives me as an educator.

    As a student I also evaluate an education program by those same principles:
    1) Did this program honor my time?

    2) Did this program honor my pre-existing knowledge?

    3) Did this program honor my experience?

    If I can answer yes to all three it is almost always an outstanding education program.

    Most often I am able to answer yes to 2 out of 3.

    If I can only answer yes to 0 or 1 of the 3 questions the program was a failure for me. I make sure to be specific about improvements in the evaluation and to also get better at selecting programs that will honor my time, knowledge, and experience.



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