Can You Believe I Get Stuck At Work?

This week, I had to cancel the weekly podcast. Believe it or not sometimes I get stuck at work and have to stay to cover a shift or two. I know it’s hard to understand but my employer doesn’t care if I have a podcast to get to. They need my wonderful skills on that ambulance. So after two cardiac arrests, an RMA and a questionable chest pain call. I would like to thank those listeners that emailed me asking where the hell we were last night. Your dedication to showing up for the live show does not go unnoticed.

So, I would like to fill the weekly podcast post with a few blog posts from my fellow EMS bloggers that I think will keep you busy until next week and keep that thought process going.

Now there are many posts I would love to recommend, but I want you to focus on a few so you can really take in the content.

1 – Tim Noonan the Rogue Medic posted about medics intubating medics as an annual skills proficiency assessment. That’s INSANE. Or is it? Go read this post. He makes some great points. 

2 – I came across this post that I thought is a great overview that discusses a common patient complaint. Lung Anatomy 101:  Why does asthma cause chest pain?

3 – The last one is from Russel Stine over at the Hybrid Medic. I figure since many paramedic protocols require us to give that 5cc’s of life. We may as well get some tips and ideas on how to perform IV access.  I know I have posted about this before but these are the type of tips that I think are always important to our everyday EMS activities.

Be sure to post your comments here or on the blogs above to share your thoughts on these topics.


  1. STREETMEDIC says:

    Regarding Rogue Medic’s idea that we intubate each other, yes VIRGINIA that is INSANE (and no there is no Sanity-clause),

    Tim keeps referring to “Trust” as if that is a data point that needs to be considered.

    May I remind Tim here that this is not a breakout session in a conference where we try to fall into each others arms. Intubation is a skill that is not without consequences even when properly done.

    Drastic & PA medic made a great points about life and death, and Tim is wrong because most elective surgeries now use adjunct airways other then an ET tube ( LMA etc and many more are on the way), DIRECTLY BECAUSE OF THE COMPILATIONS from Intubations. In over 50% of all procedures requiring sedation the airway is managed by something other than an ET tube.

    To have it done it while sedated, well I know most systems view us as replaceable, but this idea takes it a little too far…

    Should we who have to preform a critical skill have regular assessments and training? ABSOLUTELY

    Should we risk the well being of a coworker to sharpen or WORSE PROVE OR DISPROVE those skills? That’s just plain stupid.

    If this was a post to get a discussion going, great. However if you actually BELIEVE this is a practice due serious consideration, time to hang up your stethoscope, you’ve lost your ability for critical reasoning.

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