The Protocol Effect | Nitroglycerin

One drug that is a staple in EMS is nitroglycerin. Whatever system you work in it is in the protocols. Mostly in ALS guidelines, but you also are seeing it in many BLS protocols as well. This episode will talk about this drug it’s common uses, not so common uses, dangers and benefits. We were also joined by an old friend of mine from my Brooklyn days Randy K. who is a paramedic in FL. Randy gave some of his thoughts on this topic as well.

What about you? How do your protocols use this therapy, how have you used it? Do you have some positive or negative experiences with this protocol choice? Share your thoughts below.

I did have some audio issues on this one so you may hear it cutting in and out. I apologize and I am working to get that fixed.

Show Notes:

Street Watch Notes Of A Paramedic – Nitro post worth reading and discussed during the show.

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