Benefiting From EMS Groups

Are you benefiting from EMS groups? Whether it’s a popular EMS forum, Facebook or even a formal group meeting after class. Each can help you in your studies and even with those tough calls. Check out this Monday Minutes and be sure to post your tips below as well.


  1. My EMS group has truly been amazing! I am a paramedic and onNov 1 I under wet emergency brain surgery for a rare condition call Chiari. Now being a paramedic and thinking I have seen and heard it all by this was an exception. My EMS group was right at my side. Studying this and educating them selves! I’m an amzing story!

  2. Duke Powell says:

    Excellent thoughts, Jim.

    I’ve been around an awfully long time. But I feel that working with new hires at work
    gives me an opportunity to learn.

    I would suggest you post a list of EMS groups you feel are worthy.

    Great Blog.

    Duke Powell
    Hennepin EMS
    Minneapolis, MN

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