Arming EMS | Defensive or Simply Offensive?

This week I had a selection of topics lined up for the show but the first one on whether or not to allow EMS providers to carry weapons like firearms, knives, batons etc. took  over and the listeners seemed pretty passionate about it. Take a listen and be sure to leave your story or comment below.

I also posted links to the other topics we didn’t get to below. Hopefully we will cover them in upcoming episodes.

Show Notes:

Josh Knapp Facebook page
Tim Noonan – Rogue Medic – Why Are We So Afraid Of Our Patients?

EMS Museum post at Rescuing Providence

Copy & Paste post on Federal EMS agency at EMS Patient Perspective

Other links

“Small Talk” in EMS article from Thom Dick

Case Study on Frequent Flyers over at


  1. Jim,

    Just listened to your podcast about situational awareness and I agree completely that EMS responders do not receive the proper training. Your points were very well made. I would welcome the opportunity to be a guest on one of your upcoming shows to talk more about SA and how it is developed and maintained. Big fan of your message. Keep it coming!


  2. Jim et al. Really enjoyed the conversation.

    Maybe if dropped out of EMT class the stuff that probably doesn’t make a difference (backboard, traction splint come to mind) we could use that time for fire arms practice (which I think would be a ridiculous use of the time). The time might be better spent on how to recognize dangerous situations, defuse patients, and perform assessments.

    Thanks for the show.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my post guys! Here’s why I’m starting to advocate for police-based EMS:


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