EMS Week 2012 Episode

What Do You See In This Photo?

EMS Week started May 20th and goes until May 26th, 2012. This years theme is “More Than A Job, A Calling”.  I think for many of us this is true and for many others it was true at one time but has evolved into just that “a job”.  I hope you will share your story after listening to this episode on why you became an EMT or paramedic, how things have changed for you and what your agency is doing for EMS Week 2012.

Take a look at the picture from the EMS Week Planning Guide to the left. What do you get out of that picture? Do you see a message being sent to us or the public via that photo?

Show Notes:

Josh Knapp – WANTYNU

Tim Noonan – RogueMedic

Bob Sullivan – EMS Patient Perspective


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