When Is It Enough EMS Training?

Paramedics and EMT’s seem to be in a constant mode of some type of training. Continuing education, re-certifying, skills updates and more. Now to me this is a good thing. I don’t think we ever know it all.

So is there a time when we have enough training? When we can be deemed competent and trusted to treat the wide variety of patients we encounter?
What about when someone doesn’t get it, makes the same mistakes over and over. Is it time then to stop training and start thinking of another way?

Take a listen to this weeks episode as we talk about this and a little about judges, jury’s and executions. Well, maybe not executions.

Show notes

Thanks to Tim Noonan, Bob Sullivan, Josh Knapp and John Broyles for joining me on the call.

Thanks to all who took part in the live chat as well, you made great points that kept the show going.


  1. Many of these same issues were brought up on last week’s EMS Educast. I’m glad we’re having conversations about this.


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