Psychiatric Patients | Medical, Mental or Both?

Is it Emergency Medical Services or Mental Services? I’m not sure about where you work but by me, psychiatric calls are just as abundant as chest pain calls and MVC’s. Pretty much the one call you can count on every shift.

This week we talk about transporting the psychiatric patient, why EMS is saddled with this often “expensive taxi ride” that stresses providers and the system resources. Is more training for EMS the answer, better utilization of non emergency resources or perhaps a smarter approach to each patient including how and where we transport them.

Show notes

Thanks to Bob Sullivan, Josh Knapp, Brian Breithaupt and Walter Dusseldorp for joining in. Thanks to all who took part in the live chat as well, you made great points that kept the show going.

Here is a position paper by National Association of EMS Physicians that was offered up by Joe P. in the chat room

Patient Restraint in EMS

EMS patient rapport



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  1. As always great information… and a little personal sharing good too.

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