EMS Rapid Fire Show | December 2012

We love the first show of the month since it lets us talk about a bunch of topics and open the floor to the listeners so any topic is fair game. This time around we highlight ambulances getting booted, FDNY Chief no confidence vote and transporting patient family members in the ambulance and even if they should be there at all.

Plus for December, we will be giving away a gift each show. But in order to claim the gift you have to listen and get the special code referenced. So take a listen and be the first to post the code word mentioned in the comments below to claim this weeks gift.

Show notes

Thanks to Bob, Dave, Joe Paczkowski and John for joining us and lending their insight.

Bob Sullivan at EMS Patient Perspective

Dave Aber from EMS Difference

Josh Knapp over at WANTYNU

John Broyles from the 1 Union 801 podcast

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