EMS 12 Leads | Tips On D2BT

We have the LifePak, the Zoll, the Phillips monitors. All capable of performing 12 lead ECG’s. Identifying and transmitting the potential STEMI tracing to the ED and PCI center can reduce the D2BT or “Door to balloon time”. Yet as providers we don’t always use this valuable tool soon enough. By using it sooner rather than later we can effectively reduce the D2BT and have better outcomes for our patients.

Check out this weeks video for some tips on reducing D2BT and be sure to post your tips and thoughts below as well.

Links mentioned in the video

The free 12 lead pocket card

12 Lead ECG Challenge

Rapid Interpretation of 12 Lead ECGs



  1. Excellent! Reference sheet link doesn’t work. Link to site does.

  2. Sorry Terry – fixed that link.

  3. Thanks Jim….I should have waited to post….went into site and downloaded from there….great you fixed though. JEMS posted about the huge pileups (2) we had here yesterday. Glad I wasn’t doing squad time. That’s one of the responding units I may do time with. May have been a bit much for a newbie. πŸ™ My cousin was the towing company….said he had never seen anything like it. My childhood friend was the investigating officer. Amazing only one death…..a 12 year old girl who got out of the vehicle and was hit by a barrier cable in the median when another vehicle hit it. A white out came out of nowwhere. Really enjoy EMS Office Hours. When I get back to work will join Premium in TM. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Jim the Monday minutes was great , and your right take the the defib in with you. as a PCP I seen three stemi and two of them my ACP partner gave TNK and what a turn around for the pt. It was like there was nothing wrong with them , but the third pt , he was having a stemi but do to our protocols he was not a candidate for the TNK. And yes people out must call 911.

  5. Great Info. Thank you once again for the reminders

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