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EMS1The podcast is looking to get a nice radio feel like all the other big wig shows. We want you the listeners to be a part of the show. Now we know everyone doesn’t have time to call in or comment each week, but you can still be famous.

Just call and leave us a recording and we will put you on the show. Nothing fancy, just a simple one or two line recording. You can even follow the script below.

“This is Paramedic/EMT  INSERT YOUR NAME  from INSERT CITY STATE and/or AGENCY and you are listening to EMS Office Hours.”

Any variation on the above is OK, just try and get your name and certification level included. If you have a blog or website say that instead of the City/State.

You can even leave a few versions and we will edit them to fit nicely in an upcoming show.

Just call this number  (518) 291-9401  from any phone or use the button below to leave it via your computer.



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