The Extension Of EMS

EMS1This week Jim, Josh and guest David Brenner talk about sharing EMS responsibilities with Fire, Law Enforcement and even camp counselors. When does it end, are the lines becoming blurred between what EMS does, patient care and who is best suited to perform interventions in the field?

Is it about the patients, budgets or turf?

Take a listen and leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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  1. We are a small rural service in far western OK, seven miles from TX. border on I-40. Our service was started in 1974. We have two full time EMTs, two part time EMRs and one part time
    PARAMEDIC/RN. I have been with our EMS for 25 yrs. as an EMT. Our PARAMEDIC/RN wrote temps in our protocols back then and we continue to take temps.. I think they need their heads examined, or a new brain implant.

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