What Is Fair Pay In EMS?

gungirl12The topic of EMS providers being able to demand higher pay is often seen in various blogs, forums and Facebook groups.

We have even discussed it here on the show several times and points of view about education, training, nursing etc. have all come up.

But what is that sweet spot? What is the “number’ that would be fair based on our training and education? Do you have one in your head that you think is fair?

Fueled by the recent JEMS report, this is lining up to be a great episode.

Join us for this episode as we discuss pay in EMS, getting more of it and what should be the starting or end point in EMS salary ranges.

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JEMS article can be seen at http://www.jems.com/article/surveys/2013-jems-salary-workplace-survey

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  1. Samantha Morales says:

    I feel that EMS salary should be the same across the board. Especially when in the same system but different location providers can make up to a 30$ difference for weekend and overnights. It’s truly unfair to know that you getting short ended to provide the same service. I understand the difference btw private companies and city based services. We should have comparable rates.

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