It’s All About Scene Safety Until It’s Not

EMS1Ever get to the EMS call and find the door slightly open and no one is answering? What do you do? Does your decision to enter or not depend on the type of call? Does your agency have a written guideline for this scenario?

Lots of questions for what can be a very common occurrence in EMS. While the answers may very black and white on paper, as providers and EMS professionals we can struggle with safety vs. potential patient needs or outcomes.

Listen to this episode and be sure to comment below and what you would do in these situations and what drives your decisions.

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  1. Who cares about passing gas in the back of the ambulance? And,who cares abou your personal banter! I would prefer if you all get to the meat of the matter at hand


    • Hwy Heather, sorry you feel the banter is bothersome. Remember like any opinion based open door talk show there are elements of personality. Hope you keep listening and can get past the chatting to give us your opinion on the topics we do discuss.

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