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EMS1So my post the other day about my CVA call offered me one huge insight to my members…. they are great.

Not just because they have sent me numerous emails and messages about this call agreeing with my course of action but also because they offered me feedback about the call itself.

Three common points mentioned where;

  • That this patient could have had a UTI or other infection. I did actually consider that but the patient did not feel like she had a temperature and her heart wasn’t elevated. She also had no recent illness or injury complaints. But this was a great point by the members.
  • The other one was why I didn’t do a BGL test. I actually did do one but forgot to note it in my original email.
  • The third was why I gave oxygen when her SpO2 was above 94%. I do agree that there is research showing no need for supplemental oxygen in this case. But research doesn’t always follow along with protocols or what the ED docs expect. So sometimes we have to keep doing some things we may feel don’t need doing.

I also received many more thoughts on this and appreciate all the great feedback. It lets me know that my members are indeed true EMS professionals who think outside the box and look for things beyond what may seem to be the obvious.

If you didn’t have a chance to read the original post you can do that here.



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  1. Jim,
    Thank you for the post – last night I did a lecture on Medical Assessment for my EMT-B class – When we got to assessing the neurological system as one of the “Body Systems” we went over the Cincinnati Stroke Scale, but I then discussed your points. Its not just the F.A.S.T. they need to keep in mind! This was great and VERY helpful, as this is my first year in the instructor role, I am interning.
    Be safe

  2. Derrick Walden says:

    BGL is of importance because isn’t it the job of us EMS providers not only to find the reason why the patient is in our ambulance , but get a clue to underlying problems that the patient may also have that lead up to the chief complaint ?

  3. That’s great Laura. Glad these could help

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