EMS Doing Away With AHA?

What if EMS decided to no longer use AHA certification for CPR and ACLS? Let’s say they decided to use AHA as a base but implemented their own training and testing based on current research and what they see to be working.

Well there are agencies out there who are trying this.

Check out this weeks episode for the hosts opinion on this and more. Is it a patient care thing, a financial thing or something else?

Here is link to Jim Op-ed article at EMS World

Check out Josh and his one of a kind Oxygen Wrench here.

Download Dave’s flyer and more info on his upcoming 12 lead course.


  1. I would like to contribute a list of useful and free medical training:
    EKG Academy
    Practical Clinical Skills (EKG drills)
    Respiratory Guide
    Medical Terminology

    And my own company’s website: Heart and Lung Sounds

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