Patients Should Not Be Dumped Off Stretchers Onto Floors But…..

EMS If you follow social media on EMS at all you may have seen the video with the paramedic flipping a patient off the stretcher. Have you ever been in the same situation as this paramedic? While using the excuse of “snapping” does not support this medics actions and while he was 100% wrong in doing this to the patient. Isn’t there a “but” someplace in this video?

Take a listen to this weeks episode to see what I mean and be sure to leave your comments below.

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EMS patient rapport









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  1. We as a profession must hold ourselves to a higher standard as we are still a fairly new civil service and still have much ground to cover before we receive the respect (and pay) deserved for our efforts. That said, the prospect of fast food cooks making more than the average EMT is despicable and demoralizing. Add to this high call volume, nagging supervisors, late EOS times and disrespectful and callous hospital staff and you have a recipe for burn out at an exponential rate

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