Tactical Lock Picking | What EMS Should Know

If you ever thought that picking a lock as an EMS professional is something you would never do. This episode so for you.

Pat Watson joins Jim on this episode and talks about tactical lock picking, being prepared and using techniques that can get you access to patients or get YOU out of places without having to breakdown doors or bashing in windows.

Pat is the author of Tactical Lock Picking: A Systemized Approach for Responding to Locked Obstacles During Emergencies this was a very interesting show and I think he really will open your eyes to the benefits of tactical lock picking.

Be sure to check out Pat’s course and get his book over at Unsensored Tactical

Listen here

Pat Watson is an author, podcaster, and tactical skills trainer.During his 11 years of service in the US Coast Guard, Pat participated in overseas operations for Counter-Narcotics and Anti-Piracy.In addition to his overseas missions, he’s also served as a local law enforcement officer. 

During operations, Pat started designing his personal tactical skills curriculum. Now he’s on a mission to teach others tactical skills—minus the red tape—on his blog Uncensored Tactical.Learn more at UncensoredTactical.com or on his podcast, Uncensored Tactical.

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