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EMS Office Hours is the EMS podcast that discusses various EMS topics. Jim Hoffman is the show lead with his co-hosts Josh Knapp along with David Brenner and they are joined by frequent guest speakers in the EMS industry. Geared for the EMS provider, this show encourages interaction via the blog, email, twitter and FaceBook.

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  1. Jon LeRoy says:

    Jim, I’m very intrigued by the EMS Sumitt offering. As Director of Training for my agency, I’m looking forward to attending and will be registering shortly. Just a question: I’d like to open this up to my staff for attendance in our training center, where we can broadcast it on a large screen. For the purposes of registration and consideration, can these attendees register and attend that session, then receive their materials later?


    Jon LeRoy, EMT-B, EMD

  2. Jon – yes the event can be viewed on a large screen by following link in an email you will receive closer to event. Potential attendees can register and then view at your training center. Registrations will have special links provided after the live event for opportunity to download any handouts etc. Feel free to email me any specific questions you may have.

  3. Geri Burress says:

    In regard to your Spinal Clearance or Nonsense/BLS 12 leads discussion:
    I’m Disappointed. I was expecting something educational. This was more opinion than educational. I hope Doctors & PA’s dont feel this way about Medics. Btw: Medics are EMT’s too. If you aren’t trying to inspire an EMT to take it to the next level, you are the negative and much more part of the problem than the solution. I’m really sorry (for the speakers) that their opinions of EMT-Bs is so poor. It’s a prejudice, like all others, and it is a choice. You are suppose to be PRECEPTORS. (mentors) I got more “put in my place” (kicked under the rug) by the comments than educated and inspired. Your negativity is sad.
    But, here,
    I will give you another chance. Please don’t waste another 60 minutes of my life. You seem to have educational type experience to share (aside from the ego).

  4. Ouch! That was totally misunderstood. WOW. No harm / hurt feelings intended. This was our observations from the field. You should listen to our show with an attitude akin to something like sitting in the crew room and shooting the breeze. If you want training may I suggest there are more appropriate venues.

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