Quick EMS Plumbing Review

I did this quick review on a couple of key subjects in EMS you should consider when assessing your patients and the possibility of a vascular leakage issue.

Be back soon with a full episode and guests.

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Should We Dabble As EMS Professionals?

Is being in EMS as a part time job a good idea? Not talking about volunteers really. But the accountant or car repair tech that decides EMS is a good PT opportunity.

Does this hurt the profession? Or even the organizations they work for.

Listen in and give us your feedback on this

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Will The Pandemic Be The “Thing” To Push EMS Forward?

On episode “this one” Jim, Dave and Josh talk about the growing changes in EMS since the pandemic began. Working in mobile units, ED overflows, giving vaccines and now working with mental health professionals as part of non emergent response.

Plus the increased role Community Paramedics are also playing to help provide better care and mitigate the spread of COVID.

Questions asked are:

Is this moving EMS forward?

Should we be financially compensated for it?

Should we just welcome the growth?

Or perhaps we should question some of these like the mental health response.

Take a listen below and Like, Share or leave a comment.

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Finally, An App Just For EMS By EMS

This episode of the podcast is joined by Paramedic Matthew Monahemi, one of the founders of MURU. This new app is focused on the EMS provider. Super easy to use and the best part?

It is tailored to you the user.

Watch this episode to see how this all got started and get an inside look at the app itself. BTW – It’s free right now.

From the website:

“As medics ourselves, we were tired of getting solutions built for fire, police, or hospitals and repurposed for EMS. We treat patients alone or with one other clinician in situations a hospital will assign a whole team for. We’re sometimes treated as taxis, yet hospitals hold us to the same standards as their residents. We need solutions built from the ground up for us.”

Listen or watch below

Find out more, sign up and get the app at MuruMed.com

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Life After EMS | Do You Have A Plan

This first episode of 2021 is a bit of a change up for us. But we wanted to take a moment and give some tips and advice for your personal use.

So many EMS professionals live paycheck to paycheck and never plan for retirement, injury or even a career change.

Disability is not the new 401K.

It’s hard. You get your paycheck and honestly there isn’t much meat on the bone left to save or invest.

Welcome to EMS right?

Watch this episode to see how easy it is to start thinking about your future life after EMS. Josh shines in this episode sharing great insight into investing and his past life in the NYC financial sector.

I hope this episode gives you some ideas or at least gets you considering how you will move forward with your finances in 2021

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Give Yourself An EMS Pat On The Back

Everything in EMS isn’t negative. If you just think of what may be simple like ABC’s. There is so much that encompasses that. You should be proud and acknowledge yourself for having that knowledge and privilege to apply it.

This was a fun episode and important to point out all we do everyday in EMS.

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EMT’s. What You Thought You Were Going To Do

What if Family Feud asked this question of EMS?

“Name something you thought you were going to do at work today but didn’t”

Plus – adult vs pediatric BVM use and how old is too old in EMS?

See the article on BVM use talked about in the show here.

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Refusals, Drones And Messy Trucks

This episode of the show we talk about EMS drones, how to deal with a messy truck (aka – bus, ambulance etc.) , refusals and reality.

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Climbing the Proverbial Career Ladder

Walter Dusseldorp joins us for this episode and we talk about planning your career , networking and owning your goals.

In your career, you will likely transition 6-7 times into a new position. Each time it’s a nerve reckoning moment and often delayed through procrastination and self-doubt. Learn to build up your confidence by being prepared to not only pursue your BIG dream but also how to take little steps to get to that ultimate destination.

Take a listen

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Using Filtered Oxygen Masks In EMS

This episode of the show we are joined by Dr Paul Louis who has created a new device to help keep healthcare professionals safe when treating patients during a respiratory pandemic. 

Check out the Aerosoless Medical website here

Listen to the audio here

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