EMS Needle Decompression Tips

New Microwave Medic covering needle decompression of tension pneumothorax. This 10 minute video talks about signs, symptoms, landmarks and procedures for treating a tension pneumothorax. Does your EMS agency use a commercial device to perform needle decompression or are you still doing it the old fashioned way? [Read more…]

Laryngoscope Blade Use In ETI

This quick video gives an overview on the differences between MacIntosh and Miller laryngoscope blades, their placement and use in endotracheal intubation. Great for a quick refresher and new paramedic students.

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Paramedic IV Start Pack Tips

As a paramedic, do you keep an IV start pack with you for quick IV access? Jim gives his IV start pack layout along with a few other tips that may help when beginning an IV in the back of a moving ambulance. What does your start pack contain?

More IV Help at EMS Boot Camp – Click here.

Are You Packaging Your Patient or Just Transporting?

While it seem obvious that packaging and transporting your patient tie in to each other. The packaging part can make a difference in exposure, safety and presentation. Watch Jim’s take on one method he uses for patient packaging that is sure to have you re-thinking your patient transport.

How do you package your patients? Post your technique and tips below.

Timestamping Tools For EMS

With so much going on in the back of the ambulance, it can be tough to keep track of everything you are doing nevermind the times you are doing them. However, times are important to keep track of both patient care and documentation. Check out these tips for keeping up with your interventions. Be sure to post your time keeping tips below.

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Preventing Artifact On Your EKG’s

Reading EKG’s is skill that is hard enough in a nice still cardiology office. But it can be even harder in the back of a moving ambulance. This Microwave Medic installment gives some EMS based advice on preventing artifact in your EKG’s. [Read more…]