I Don’t Need You To Point To The Patient

This EMS question live video hangout talked about pre-planning in EMS and communication amongst various emergency service agencies.

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Should We Use Personal Equipment?

Have you used your own equipment on calls? I have seen many providers use their own glucometers, Sp02 detectors and even CO detectors. Can this open you up as an individual to liability if the device fails or malfunctions?

Have you used your personal equipment on the ambulance? Is it sanctioned by your agency? Post your thoughts below.

Those Tricky Splint Situations | WWJD 4/11/13

How do you handle those gross deformities and angulated fractures?

EMS Continuing Education

EMS Continuing Education

Don’t Forget The 12 Lead ECG | EMS Questions 2/21/13

This week on WWJD I talk about a patient who didn’t scream STEMI to me. At least not until I did the 12 Lead ECG. I find many providers may not do a 12 lead on patients like this but as discussed in this episode, it doesn’t cost us anything to do one except maybe 1 or 2 minutes of our time.

Thanks to Greg Friese, Tom Bouthillet and Rommie Duckworth for joining me on this one. Great feedback and a great STEMI tip from Tom at the end.

Check out the upcoming webinars by Rommie that Greg mentioned.

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Hurry Up And Get Them In The Ambulance | The New Load and Go?

Sometimes a hectic scene or stressful call can have you hurrying your EMS care or transport. While it may not always affect patient care or outcome, it can give a poor perception if pictures are taken. It can also put you as the provider at risk depending on the patient, transport or details you might miss.  This week I focused on a discussion over at the JEMS page on Facebook regarding a picture taken at what I am sure was a hectic scene.

Take a look at this video and post below what you see going wrong in the picture. Can you understand the short cuts that seem to be taken or is there no excuse no matter the scene or call type?

BLS Pet Peeves | Preparing For Tough IV Sticks | WWJD 1/12/12

Do you have things that your BLS crews do that get under your skin? We can complain about it like a recent EMS Facebook post did or we can try and use these moments as ways to mentor what can often be just a communication issue or lack of understanding. Take a listen to Jim’s thoughts on this and his one tip on what you can do to better prepare for that difficult IV stick.


Check out the recorded webinar on IV Complications in EMS

Sound off below – what are your IV tips and BLS pet peeves?

What’s In A Joule? | WWJD 1/03/1013

So, how many volts are in that joule? Can you take the NREMT exam online? Sorta – kinda. Take a listen to this weeks WWJD and be sure to post your questions for next weeks episode.


Should EMS Use Breathalizers | WWJD 12/20/12

OK, so what about letting EMS use alcohol measuring devices like breathalizers. Not for legal purposes but for assisting in ruling out reasons for an altered mental status patient? I gave my take on this EMS question this week along with pointing out some states that allow BLS to use airway tools like the King Tube and Combitube.

Does your state allow BLS to use these devices? Should they? I would love to hear your comments below.

IO Access Via The Sternum | WWJD 12/6/12

This week I had a question about how and why you would obtain IO access via the sternum in an adult. I gave my take on it as well showed a video of it being done. Remember, not all EMS system allow adult IO access and those that do don’t always approve it being on the sternum or manubrium. It can depend on approved devices as well as specific patient statuses. Take a look at the video below and post your comments below. Let me know what device you use and what IO landmarks your approved to access.

Here is a link to the full IO video I showed. 

Click here to see the IO resource mentioned in the video.

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EMS Questions | WWJD 11/29/1012

This week I had some microphone issues. aka – I had it muted by mistake. LOL. So I edited that part out and answered some questions on pediatric dosages within the NYC REMAC protocols and Community Paramedics. Thanks for the questions Leon and Heather. Be sure to post your comments below and submit your questions for next week. I promise you will hear my voice while my lips move the whole time.