Ambulance Operations | EMS Questions | WWJD 11/08/12

So you are responding lights and sirens and the vehicle in front of you won’t pull to the right and you can’t get around them. What do you do? Check out my ambulance response tips on Youtube also.

EMS Questions | WWJD 10/25/2012

This week on WWJD I give away a short pdf report on CHF and CPAP use in EMS for paramedics and talk about how to convince patients to wear that tight mask in the first place.

Be sure to post your tips on this below and also let me what you suggest as a Twitter hashtag for the show.

Click here for the CPAP pdf.

EMS Questions | WWJD 10/18/1012

On this weeks episode? NIBP cuffs, eating fast food and giving out patient names over the radio. Post your thoughts in the comments below.


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EMS Questions | WWJD 10/11/12

This week questions on remembering EKG lead placement, 10 vs. 12 leads and where should you sit in the back of the ambulance.

EMS Questions | WWJD 10/04/2012

This week I give some tips on accepting well… tips or gratuities while working in EMS and using your skills as a EMS professional.


EMS Questions | WWJD 9/27/12

This week – decorticate vs decerebrate posturing, Mask vs. pipe nebulizer and medical alert tattoos. – edit- missed the first screen share but got it second time. ūüôā

EMS Questions | WWJD 9/20/12

This week on WWJD? Jim tries out a screen share and asks what would “YOU” do? Rapid vs. detailed trauma assessment and EVOC course requirements in your area. Leave your comments below and post your questions for next weeks episode!!

EMS Questions | WWJD 9/13/12

This week on What Would Jim Do? Shocking asystole, how much EMS education and training to get and NRB mask commentary. What do you think?

EMS Questions | WWJD 9/6/2012

This week I discuss EMS patient transport refusals, dealing with bystanders and when to forge a nurses signature.

Be sure and post your thoughts on these topics below.

WWJD | Incident Response, EMS Transitions and Crew Lounge Digs

For this weeks WWJD I give my opinion on the upcoming EMS transitions, things to think about during an incident response and what is in my EMS crew lounge. Take a listen, post your thoughts below and be sure to check out the links in the show notes.


Show Notes

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