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  1. Greetings,

    My name is Jerrid Edgington and I’m a Paramedic in Oklahoma. I recently wrote and published a medical fiction novel called, “Racing the Reaper”, and it’s available for sale on I was curious if this would be of interest to you to promote on your site ? I published it on April 18, 2013 and to date, have sold 250 copies thus far. The reviews have been great and it’s the first book in the series. I greatly appreciate your consideration. Thank you again.

    Jerrid Edgington-Paramedic

    (479) 831-5818

  2. Hey Jerrid, I will take a look and try to fit it in someplace. You might want to check out as well. Jim

  3. Thank you so much sir. I looked at the site you had suggested but I couldn’t find a way to contact them. Any suggestions?

  4. Raquel Rodriguez says:

    CONGRATS Mr. Jerrid Edgington I am a Paramedic residing in Puerto Rico and I have to say I am very Proud of you. Not very much professionals in this field actually write a book. I will be honored to read this book as soon as I receive it. Congrats

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    Admirable job

  6. Abdulaziz S Alfhafeeri says:

    I saw this topics we need like thats topics to Prevent Injury in our duty the first thing as i see you must try to do gyms and the managment must buy for ems providers to be healthy another things must check if its so heavy weight must call for help and do plan how shift the patients anyway i have been seen more emts paramedic C/O from L backpain ana finally am From Saudi Arabia and Am EMT has been in work since 2012 and need more topics in most important injury:illness in Pre Hospital

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