Your EMS Mistake May Take You To Jail

Been seeing some news about EMS providers being charged criminally for medication errors. Will providers start thinking twice before giving a treatment if they don't have too? This and tips on treating transgender patients. Do we really need … [Continue reading]

The Time They Laughed At You

I wanted to share this NREMT exam struggle story on passing the NREMT.  One of my coaching students thought they knew it all. But when his classmates where moving ahead he was stuck behind and feeling like he was being laughed at.  True … [Continue reading]

The Lights Sirens Action Interview

Just did an interview with Lights Cameras Action and we talked about a variety of topics including: The EMS testing environment The importance of call reviews (even lift assists) How to be prepared for potential opportunities when they come … [Continue reading]

Where does your EMS duty start and stop? When you are off duty, what would you respond to? Would you help the "disheveled person lying on the sidewalk?" What is your off duty story? Watch the video or listen below.  Free … [Continue reading]

EMS Bathroom Breaks, Instructor Engagement and…

Dave, Jim and Josh talk about a method some instructors use to help their students even though the student probably thinks otherwise. Plus why bathroom breaks in EMS are different. Watch the video or just listen … [Continue reading]

EMS Calls That Don’t Go As Planned

You can thank your instructor later. When your EMS instructor makes that scenario too difficult. They likely aren't trying to make you look bad.  More often, they are trying to prepare you for the inevitable.  Free … [Continue reading]

When Is It Too Old To Get Into EMS?

EMS attracts people from many different backgrounds and cultures. It also seems to know no age limit. But when is it too old to get into the EMS field? How about too old to be in or stay in EMS? Like many things in EMS you will get various answers … [Continue reading]

Quick EMS Plumbing Review

I did this quick review on a couple of key subjects in EMS you should consider when assessing your patients and the possibility of a vascular leakage issue. Be back soon with a full episode and guests. … [Continue reading]

Should We Dabble As EMS Professionals?

Is being in EMS as a part time job a good idea? Not talking about volunteers really. But the accountant or car repair tech that decides EMS is a good PT opportunity. Does this hurt the profession? Or even the organizations they work for. Listen … [Continue reading]

Will The Pandemic Be The “Thing” To Push EMS Forward?

On episode "this one" Jim, Dave and Josh talk about the growing changes in EMS since the pandemic began. Working in mobile units, ED overflows, giving vaccines and now working with mental health professionals as part of non emergent … [Continue reading]