Cardiovascular Emergencies P1 | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of the EMS study help tips begins the cardiovascular emergencies section. Part one below focuses on key elements you will see often see on EMS exams. Do you find these videos helpful? Claim the complete EMS study help and tips … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies P9 | Hyperventilation | EMS Study Help Tips

This last episode on respiratory emergencies focuses on hyperventilation. These EMS study help tips can help you with key elements of content you need to know to pass your paramedic exams. They are also great to keep moving your EMS knowledge … [Continue reading]

Are You Biding Your Time In EMS?

Do you see EMS as a career? A profession worthy of education and dedication at the individual level? Or do you view it as a stepping stone. Recently there has been some discussion on two real sections of EMS. The ambulance drivers and the … [Continue reading]

How EMS1 Chooses Content

This weeks podcast is joined by's Greg Friese. Greg took some time with Jim to discuss just how a big EMS site like chooses content to show it's readers. This was a very interesting episode and will give you a behind the scenes … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies P8 | Pneumothorax | EMS Study Help Tips

More on respiratory emergencies in EMS. Study help tips for paramedics and EMT's on spontaneous and tension pneumothorax. Do you find these videos helpful? Claim the complete EMS study help and tips resource by clicking here. … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies P7 | Pulmonary Embolism | EMS Study Help Tips

One respiratory emergency when your assessment as an EMS professional can really matter is pulmonary embolism. While we can't do much in the field, recognizing a pulmonary embolism can mean the difference for your patient. This episode of the … [Continue reading]

Giving Patients An Unfair Advantage

When you prepare beyond your basic training and knowledge you are giving your patients an unfair advantage. This is good for them of course but great for you as well. It’s unfair unfortunately because many EMS providers just do the minimum to get … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies P6 | Pulmonary Edema | EMS Study Help Tips

This EMS quick study help tip focuses on pulmonary edema and respiratory emergencies. This video is great for key paramedic study content to help with EMS exams, documentation, patient assessment and more.   Go visit the main site for … [Continue reading]

Forgetful Partners and Seeing The Big Picture

This podcast reboot with’s Greg Friese talks about people who forget things during a shift. Whether it is restocking, checking an ambulance or even on scene awareness. It may be that understanding the bigger picture as partners and … [Continue reading]

Pneumonia Review | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode reviews pneumonia and gives some key tips on the topic to help with your exams and patient care.   … [Continue reading]