EMS Education And Student Expectations

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Joined by Josh Knapp and guest Skye Croom. We discuss EMS education, student expectations and some realities of the process. We just scratched the surface on this one and hope to have Skye back soon to keep this important conversation going. … [Continue reading]

Driving The Ambulance Like A Maniac

This episode I am joined by Josh and we discuss those crazy ambulance drivers. But more importantly we talk about communication and focus on ways to promote change when faced with co-workers who may not be thinking about the bigger picture, safety … [Continue reading]

What Are Your EMS Benefit Goals?

When you think of benefits of EMS employment. Do you focus on pay, vacation, sick time? Or.. do you think about things like available continuing education, the partner you are with, schedules and how busy an organization is? It's important to … [Continue reading]

Trauma | Soft Tissue Injuries | EMS Study Help Tips

This installment of the Monday Minutes continues with key elements of trauma and soft tissue injuries. … [Continue reading]

EMS Pay, Career and Education…. Again

This week Jim is joined by both Josh and Dave. We talk about everyones favorite EMS subject, pay, education and career options. However I don't think this is your average talk on the subject. Take a listen below and be sure to share, leave a … [Continue reading]

Sharing Your EMS Secrets

It's where is really happens right? We discuss the calls on the way there, we discuss them afterwards and we talk about everything EMS in that little space in the ambulance. It is pretty intimate when you think about it. It almost beckons us to tell … [Continue reading]

First Responders, First Aid First On Scene

This episode gives my take on First Responders and the important role they play in EMS. But how they are often glossed over. Get your Trial access to Turbo Medic On Demand by joining the ranks here. … [Continue reading]

Trauma Hemorrhage and Shock | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of the Monday Minutes continues with Trauma and focuses on key elements when it comes to hemorrhage and shock. https://youtu.be/gOMQnL2wP4A Get your Trial access to Turbo Medic On Demand by joining the ranks here. … [Continue reading]

Being A Big City Paramedic

Big city medic problems When your new in EMS you might want to be that paramedic in a big city. Check out this episode (9 mins) and listen to a big city medic story and how things like an overdose are the same no matter what city you may be in or … [Continue reading]

Trauma |Kinetics | EMS Study Help Tips

This week starts the trauma section of the EMS quick study help tips and begins with some basic trauma keys. While we may not always be thinking of all this on that hot trauma call. You will most likely see this on exams, so be ready and don't give … [Continue reading]