Every EMS Psych Call Needs A Social Worker

... Said no one in EMS ever. This episode of the show talks about the idea that social workers should be responding to EMS psychiatric calls instead of law enforcement. Great for LE (we all know they hate those calls anyway). But bad for EMS. Plus we … [Continue reading]

Back An EMS Hero

I jumped on with Thomas Perkins who is part of the Frontline Heroes Project and we talked about Back An EMS Hero. This effort is geared to help EMS professionals using a simple method of paying it forward. Thomas talked about the goals and challenges … [Continue reading]

Tactical Lock Picking | What EMS Should Know

If you ever thought that picking a lock as an EMS professional is something you would never do. This episode so for you. Pat Watson joins Jim on this episode and talks about tactical lock picking, being prepared and using techniques that can get … [Continue reading]

EMS Study Help | Assessment Of Extremity Trauma

This final episode of the EMS study help tips covers extremity trauma assessment and management. This may be the last episode of the EMS study guide series but more Monday Minutes will continue... Stay … [Continue reading]

Making Mistakes In EMS

Have you ever made a mistake as an EMT or Paramedic? Ever felt burnt out? This episode of the podcast talks about some of Jim's and Josh's mistakes and how Jim avoided burnout many years ago. Plus how mistakes are best handled not if, but when you … [Continue reading]

EMS Study Help | Extremity Trauma

Having an idea of key elements you often see on exams can help prepare you for that next test. This video episode covers extremity trauma and some primary things to look for.   https://youtu.be/CjOrbQF9HDk   Become a Turbo Medic Insider … [Continue reading]

When The Funeral Home Gets The ROSC

This episode of the show talks about the upcoming cuts to EMS by FDNY, the importance of knowing your patients DNA (or not) and the time you pronounced that patient dead but the funeral home got the ROSC credit. Listen here Claim the NYC EMS … [Continue reading]

EMS Study Help | Abdominal Trauma

Knowing what to expect on your exams is helpful and can drive your study habits. This video episode covers abdominal trauma and the key elements you will often see on your EMT and paramedic exams. https://youtu.be/YPzKwIf3Pig Become a Turbo Medic … [Continue reading]

Why Is Pay In EMS A Surprise?

It seems since COVID started we keep seeing articles and reports by news and social media about how little EMT's and Paramedics get paid.  Why is it such a surprise? Looking at NYC and FDNY providers, it was reported that most members have to work 2, … [Continue reading]

EMS Study Tips | Spinal Trauma

Wrapping up the head and spinal injuries section of the EMS quick study tips series. This video episode covers spinal injuries and the key elements you will often see on your EMT and paramedic. https://youtu.be/-5snr-Bp2r0 Become a Turbo Medic … [Continue reading]