EMT’s. What You Thought You Were Going To Do

What if Family Feud asked this question of EMS? "Name something you thought you were going to do at work today but didn't" Plus - adult vs pediatric BVM use and how old is too old in EMS? See the article on BVM use talked about in the … [Continue reading]

Refusals, Drones And Messy Trucks

This episode of the show we talk about EMS drones, how to deal with a messy truck (aka - bus, ambulance etc.) , refusals and reality. https://youtu.be/sFsHZOLdYms Find out how to get your free copy of the EMS Quick Study Guide.  I'll even … [Continue reading]

Climbing the Proverbial Career Ladder

Walter Dusseldorp joins us for this episode and we talk about planning your career , networking and owning your goals. In your career, you will likely transition 6-7 times into a new position. Each time it's a nerve reckoning moment and often … [Continue reading]

Using Filtered Oxygen Masks In EMS

This episode of the show we are joined by Dr Paul Louis who has created a new device to help keep healthcare professionals safe when treating patients during a respiratory pandemic.  https://youtu.be/rwPF4n4Bhuw Check out the Aerosoless … [Continue reading]

Trusting Tech In EMS

This episode talks about using medical technology on EMS calls. Whether it's yours or the patients. The question is "Do you or should you trust the tech?" Take a listen … [Continue reading]

EMS Study Tips | Using Flash Cards

If you like to use flash cards when studying for an exam or even NREMT. You may not be making the most of this common study tool. Watch this video to see a key tip and why it's important to think about how you are using flash cards to study. … [Continue reading]

Every EMS Psych Call Needs A Social Worker

... Said no one in EMS ever. This episode of the show talks about the idea that social workers should be responding to EMS psychiatric calls instead of law enforcement. Great for LE (we all know they hate those calls anyway). But bad for EMS. Plus we … [Continue reading]

Back An EMS Hero

I jumped on with Thomas Perkins who is part of the Frontline Heroes Project and we talked about Back An EMS Hero. This effort is geared to help EMS professionals using a simple method of paying it forward. Thomas talked about the goals and challenges … [Continue reading]

Tactical Lock Picking | What EMS Should Know

If you ever thought that picking a lock as an EMS professional is something you would never do. This episode so for you. Pat Watson joins Jim on this episode and talks about tactical lock picking, being prepared and using techniques that can get … [Continue reading]

EMS Study Help | Assessment Of Extremity Trauma

This final episode of the EMS study help tips covers extremity trauma assessment and management. This may be the last episode of the EMS study guide series but more Monday Minutes will continue... Stay … [Continue reading]