Don’t Settle For One EMS Option

As 2018 comes to an end I wanted to get one more episode of the podcast in and answer a question I get a lot from members and those I coach on a one to one basis. The question? "Jim, why do you recommend other peoples products, websites and … [Continue reading]

Cardiovascular Emergencies P3 | Electrophysiology | EMS Quick Study Help Tips

This episode of the Monday Minutes focuses on key elements of electrophysiology in cardiovascular emergencies. Discover what you will see on EMS paramedic exams, build your knowledge and become a better clinician in EMS   Want more ECG … [Continue reading]

Treat The Patient Not The Monitor | Or Something Like That

This week on the podcast I talk about the age old saying "Treat the patient, not the monitor". Maybe it should be "Treat the patient AND the monitor". Plus I highlight an up and coming ECG monitor that looks great but I think way to many bells and … [Continue reading]

Leaning In | Taking Stock In EMS

This weeks podcast is from a FaceBook Live I did. I talk about filtering content for EMS and how that can benefit you and your patients more. I also talk about the idea of "leaning in".  I was listening a mentor of mine who is not in EMS actually but … [Continue reading]

Pacemakers | Cardiovascular Emergencies P2 | EMS Study Help Tips

This is P2 of cardiovascular emergencies and focuses on key elements you will see on EMS paramedic exams. In particular this session covers inherent pacemakers of the heart.     Want more ECG help and finally master the vital elements … [Continue reading]

Cardiovascular Emergencies P1 | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of the EMS study help tips begins the cardiovascular emergencies section. Part one below focuses on key elements you will see often see on EMS exams. Do you find these videos helpful? Claim the complete EMS study help and tips … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies P9 | Hyperventilation | EMS Study Help Tips

This last episode on respiratory emergencies focuses on hyperventilation. These EMS study help tips can help you with key elements of content you need to know to pass your paramedic exams. They are also great to keep moving your EMS knowledge … [Continue reading]

Are You Biding Your Time In EMS?

Do you see EMS as a career? A profession worthy of education and dedication at the individual level? Or do you view it as a stepping stone. Recently there has been some discussion on two real sections of EMS. The ambulance drivers and the … [Continue reading]

How EMS1 Chooses Content

This weeks podcast is joined by's Greg Friese. Greg took some time with Jim to discuss just how a big EMS site like chooses content to show it's readers. This was a very interesting episode and will give you a behind the scenes … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies P8 | Pneumothorax | EMS Study Help Tips

More on respiratory emergencies in EMS. Study help tips for paramedics and EMT's on spontaneous and tension pneumothorax. Do you find these videos helpful? Claim the complete EMS study help and tips resource by clicking here. … [Continue reading]