Respiratory Emergencies P7 | Pulmonary Embolism | EMS Study Help Tips

One respiratory emergency when your assessment as an EMS professional can really matter is pulmonary embolism. While we can't do much in the field, recognizing a pulmonary embolism can mean the difference for your patient. This episode of the … [Continue reading]

Giving Patients An Unfair Advantage

When you prepare beyond your basic training and knowledge you are giving your patients an unfair advantage. This is good for them of course but great for you as well. It’s unfair unfortunately because many EMS providers just do the minimum to get … [Continue reading]

Respiratory Emergencies P6 | Pulmonary Edema | EMS Study Help Tips

This EMS quick study help tip focuses on pulmonary edema and respiratory emergencies. This video is great for key paramedic study content to help with EMS exams, documentation, patient assessment and more.   Go visit the main site for … [Continue reading]

Forgetful Partners and Seeing The Big Picture

This podcast reboot with’s Greg Friese talks about people who forget things during a shift. Whether it is restocking, checking an ambulance or even on scene awareness. It may be that understanding the bigger picture as partners and … [Continue reading]

Pneumonia Review | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode reviews pneumonia and gives some key tips on the topic to help with your exams and patient care.   … [Continue reading]

Improving EMS Study Habits

This week I pulled a great segment that goes over some ways you can better focus and improve your study habits in EMS. I believe that this can help you not just for exams but also when it comes to simply retaining the information that is vital to … [Continue reading]

Do We Lie In EMS?

Do you think we lie in EMS? To our patients, our partners or our bosses. Maybe we do it to avoid uncomfortable questions, to keep the peace or to keep our EMS jobs. Listen to this episode below and maybe you can answer the question. Have you ever … [Continue reading]

COPD | Respiratory Emergencies Part 4 | EMS Study Help Tips

This episode of Monday Minutes focuses on more respiratory emergencies. Mainly on COPD its causes and management of obstructive airway diseases.   Master your EMS knowledge at Turbo Medic Get access to hours of audio and video, GB's … [Continue reading]

Quick Let’s Get Rid Of The IO Needles

Not so fast. This weeks EMS show focuses on the study suggesting that IO access in cardiac arrest may not be as good as those plain ole boring IV's. I had the full show cast on this one and both Dave and Josh provided interesting opinions on this … [Continue reading]

Obstructed Airway Diseases | Part One | EMS Study Help Tips

This Monday Minutes episode continues with respiratory emergencies and focuses on obstructed airway diseases. Its always great to refresh on key elements in EMS to keep you ready for patient care or that next exam.     Get your … [Continue reading]