Have an EMS product or service you want to bring to the EMS Office Hours audience? Becoming a show sponsor gives you a unique way to get your message out to our listeners.

We have an average of over 2000 listeners each week. This does not include listeners via ITunes, The ProMed Network and other small media outlets that may post the show.

Your sponsorship will reach listeners of the show in several ways:

  • Your ad copy will be read within the first five minutes of the show and then again at the end of the broadcast
  • Your graphic, link and short tag line will be placed in the show notes on the live show page at BTR and also within the blog.
  • The live show rotates five 250×250 pixel graphics throughout the entire show that listeners see as they hear the show at BTR. Your graphic will be in two of those slots.
  • Your sponsorship will be noted via our Social Media channels on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook during a five day time period leading up to and after the live show. Giving a potential reach to over 16,000 EMS providers.

As you can see your one time investment has a great potential for ROI. Your sponsorship is also evergreen since links and graphics etc. remain with the recording and postings months and even years down the line.

If any of this sounds interesting and you would like some more information, send an email to meĀ  jhoffman(at)ems-safety.com. I’ll be sure to answer any questions and work with you to make your sponsorship a success.





  1. Nice job Jim. You obviously put a lot of hard work into this site.

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