Don’t Forget The 12 Lead ECG | EMS Questions 2/21/13

This week on WWJD I talk about a patient who didn’t scream STEMI to me. At least not until I did the 12 Lead ECG. I find many providers may not do a 12 lead on patients like this but as discussed in this episode, it doesn’t cost us anything to do one except maybe 1 or 2 minutes of our time.

Thanks to Greg Friese, Tom Bouthillet and Rommie Duckworth for joining me on this one. Great feedback and a great STEMI tip from Tom at the end.

Check out the upcoming webinars by Rommie that Greg mentioned.

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Quick 12 Lead Help Video

ems 12 lead ecg readingHere is a quick video for a special EMS Monday Minutes covering 12 lead placement, STEMI locations and heart muscle affected. Now I’m no expert on 12 leads like this blog here. However, I thought a quick resource would be a great addition to your bookmarks.


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