The Foreign Language Of ECG Recognition

Study5When your new in EMS one of the most challenging subjects is ECG recognition. Too often new paramedics and those entering paramedic school want to jump right into 12 lead ECG’s, Axis deviation and all that sexy stuff. They want to bypass the basics and can find themselves struggling with all the entry level understanding of ECG’s.

This week Jim is solo with David Brenner and they talk about the struggles of being a new paramedic and grasping this vital skill of ECG recognition. Take a listen and be sure to leave your tips on understanding ECG’s.

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Click here for information on mastering the basics of ECG recognition.


Myocardial Infarction | EMS Assessment Tips

Patients with chest pain are common call types in EMS. While we may treat them as common that can lend itself to missing key points when assessing these patients. This weeks Monday Minutes focuses on the key points you should be thinking about when presented with the chest pain patient and potential myocardial infarction.

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Anyone Can See A STEMI | Why We Should Do Better

EMS1This second half of last weeks live episode with Dave Brenner talks about reading 12 lead ECGs and why we should go beyond the basics of just identifying a STEMI.

We also discuss why you should want to go beyond the basics in this and in all things EMS.

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Spinal Clearance or Nonsense | BLS 12 Leads

AUDIO5This week we talk about two topics that never seem to get old. Spinal immobilization, specifically a recent extrication that was not needed and spinal clearance guidelines.

We also will discuss the idea of BLS doing 12 leads in the field.

Take a listen with guests Josh Knapp, Bob Sullivan, Dave Aber, John Broyles and Rommie Duckworth for this fast moving episode, filled with wonder.

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EMS 12 Leads | Tips On D2BT

We have the LifePak, the Zoll, the Phillips monitors. All capable of performing 12 lead ECG’s. Identifying and transmitting the potential STEMI tracing to the ED and PCI center can reduce the D2BT or “Door to balloon time”. Yet as providers we don’t always use this valuable tool soon enough. By using it sooner rather than later we can effectively reduce the D2BT and have better outcomes for our patients.

Check out this weeks video for some tips on reducing D2BT and be sure to post your tips and thoughts below as well.

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