Trying To Make Sense Of Community Paramedics

This week the crew talks about community paramedic programs. Do they work, are they for EMS and is there a better approach to handling 911 overload?

What’s your take?




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The Patient With The 105 Degree Fever

Happy New Year! The very first episode of the podcast for 2019 is live. I wanted to make it quick but also wanted to get you in the right mindset for the new year.

So, I talk about my latest call and the 105.3 degree fever I had. But most important is how I got the call and how you can benefit from my initial frustrations.

Take a listen below


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Patients Should Not Be Dumped Off Stretchers Onto Floors But…..

EMS If you follow social media on EMS at all you may have seen the video with the paramedic flipping a patient off the stretcher. Have you ever been in the same situation as this paramedic? While using the excuse of “snapping” does not support this medics actions and while he was 100% wrong in doing this to the patient. Isn’t there a “but” someplace in this video?

Take a listen to this weeks episode to see what I mean and be sure to leave your comments below.

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EMS patient rapport









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EMS Abuse and Provider Acceptance

This week Josh Knapp and I revisit the topic of EMS frequent flyers, blatant abuse of 911 and the provider mentality of accepting it as part of the job. Are there ways to treat patients and turn away the 911 players? Does your system have anything in place for these situations and how is it working?

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Here is the article mentioned by Josh during the show.

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Can We Learn From BS EMS Calls?

EMSManager.netThe main topic this week was whether or not we can learn from those BS call we get in EMS. The flu’s, the stubbed toe, the frequent flyer. We also talked about refusals and how they relate to these calls as well. While we jumped around a bit, we agreed that while patients are not our guinea pigs or live training models, the BS call can allow us opportunities to assess our patients in a less stressed environment so when that true emergency confronts us we have our own system, our own rhythm of assessment that will keep us on track when the real shit hits the fan.

Take a listen as Josh Knapp and Tim Noonan joined me for this discussion.

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Is Treating To CYA Enabling 911 Abuse?

Too often we get patients who don’t need an ambulance never mind the care we can give. Call it job security, just part of the job, whatever. But does responding and transporting these “patients” just give them the green light to keep calling 911 for a high priced taxi ride?

People talk. When we start IV’s, give oxygen, do EKG’s on patients who clearly don’t need it and we are doing it to CYA with our QA/QI department or hospital staff. It just sends a message to these people that “hey, last time I called 911 I got all this treatment and was whisked right into the ED”.

Shouldn’t we be treating each patient as needed? Based on assessment and not a protocol? What do you think?

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